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Artwork Stats
Added: May 10, 2003
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Mainly trying out new things, again - never tried drawing a gun, a city, or someone holding a gun before, I think. Was quite difficult - used lots of references Smile I feel like I've learned a few things. (I know I've messed the hand up. Will fix later Smile )Tutorial alert on my site (http://www.furiae.com) by the way - I've put up a simple "how to draw a nose" thing in the gallery section Smile

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frodo's picture

Great Picture Linda!...and the angle of the gun is perfect(you don`t need to aim when your that close)the whole narrative works in a very professional way...

resavyn's picture

Beautiful and wonderful, as always. Personally, though, looking at the other pieces on your site... I think this is a guy. I mean, judging from the neck, and the shape of the face, and the folds of the jacket...
::ponders:: Don't suppose it really matters. It's beautiful regardless. You are truly an exceptional artist. Your coloring and compositions are all breathtaking.

Guest's picture

I've always liked your art. Tho most of your women freak me out to no end she is quietly seductive in that 'If you dont shut up I WILL shoot you' kind of way.

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I have to say that as a Male, and not at all living any sort of alternative lifestyle, that I enjoy every piece. Some more than others, but still. I've browsed through the ' comments ' you've gotten, and your responses. Overall, I can't seem to find a reason that people would begrudge someone so much because their work is unique. I honestly enjoy your type of artwork, mainly because it isn't stereotypical. The guys don't have lioncloths and tons of muscles and a huge weapon, and the women don't have over-gifted chests and a sandglass figurine. And now while I'm on the subject, have you ever played the game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the Playstation? Your artwork reminds me of that of Alucard and Richter(Spelling?). Not in the same format, mind you, but the same feminine grace to the men, which I prefer. You're producing marvelous artwork, and don't let anyone tell you different.

Guest's picture

Do you have an official website for your art work? Do you have any books? Your art is sooooo beautiful.

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move the gun alittle to the right, no.. alittle more, ok, a little bit up, aann, there STOP! now shoot!

Guest's picture

amazing, as always! i needed an image like this to wake me up! fabulous work again linda!

Guest's picture

I don't know what you are talking about woman. You got everything perfect. The city, the gun, the hand, and the wonderful expression. Certainly not your type of thing to draw, but with your talent you could go as far as weird looking alians.

Guest's picture

I dont know why, but this picture and woman and City reminds me of the Matrix's Trinity. Its cool, Did you fix the hand? You said in your Definition of the Picture, because the hand looks great. I love all your work, When I searched for pics, and I came along yours, I loved it, and that was before I even Looked at Artists and other work by that Artist. I love them all. Very Beautiful.

ebrian's picture

Hej hej. Well,I just cant resist coming back again and again to see your works. This character actually resembles the girl lives next door to me, very Swedish, hehe. Always waiting for something new from you.

ebrian's picture

Just fabulous, I know there will always be something new, something exciting in your gallery. And here is comes, as always.

yanamari's picture

Wow...awesome scene! The look on her face is to die for, literally. And the background is right on. If I had any comments for any improvement, it would be the position of either gun or arm. The arm would be straighter on to the viewer if the barrel was straight on as it is. But heck, I can so easily overlook that for the amazing work. 8D Bravo!

Guest's picture

i love your sci-fi stuff SO much
this is the best i've seen from u in awhile!

Guest's picture

Not your usual style but beautiful all the same. It's very thought provoking!

Guest's picture

I think the woman is great but the pic lacks your usual touch. that thing that makes you so original. but it is still well done

Guest's picture

You are so great linda... This is look very real! incredible!

Guest's picture

Wow. Very impressive. All of your works are great and this is one of really astonishing pieces. Wow. Please keep up good work...

Guest's picture

Nice gloomy atmosphere here. I don't think you would normaly aim the gun like this though. the eyes, the gun, and the target should form a straight line.

Guest's picture

I thought your picture what great. I have to agree with a previous message that the gun angle does seem odd but all in all its a great masterpiece. I've also come to the attention that you draw feminine males and i'm assuming this is a male as all the rest..well a majority of the rest.ANYWAYS heh all i'm saying is that i love your portrayals and that i'll be waiting to see more wonderful art^_^


Guest's picture

I've been a fan of your work for a while now and you never cease to impress Smile I definitely like the new feel of this one (though I'm also a fan of the fairy ones as well). AND its great that this comes out the same week as The Matrix: Reloaded. Any relation?

Guest's picture

Reminds me of Anita blake from laurell k hamilton books.

gaiascully's picture

i am now a member yay!
this picture ROCKS!
women in power, always great!
wonderful details.
this picture reminds me of a song, well two songs actually. either Revolution, by aimmee allen, or Going Under, by evanescence. very cool, i love it, as i do all your work!

jeshannon's picture

Brilliant work as always Linda, personally think the hand looks great !! will deffinately check out that tutorial, cheers.

Guest's picture

fan va snygg hon är!

leowinstead's picture

This pic is great. The hand looks fine, but it's the angle of the gun that doesn't seem right. The smoke effect and rain is amazing as well.

Guest's picture

Her face reminds me a lot of Gina Gershon's, which is nice. *grins*

bcorbett67's picture

This is really cool, and I'm really pleased that you've taken a side step as far as subject matter is concerned. I for one would like to see more pictures going in this direction Smile now I'm off to check out your tutorial!

thrax-1's picture

I think its great that your experimenting with something out of the norm linda.You have successfully pulled off a very tricky pose.The rain looks quite effective aswell.Very nice piece.

Now here's a challenge,a futuristic vehicle of somesort Wink

aridante's picture

pretty cool image, Linda Smile It's a nice change from your other work. Does this mean we'll see more scifi stuff from you?? XD Hehehe. Spifferlicious. I love the coat.

Art at its best.