Do not whisper into the wind by enayla

Do not whisper into the wind

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 29, 2003
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Another image for my dark fairytales project. It is about loneliness - and about making friends that are filled with deceit. Betrayal, secrets, and intrigue.If you'd like to see a closeup of the dragon, it's available on my site (Ruby section, where this image is).

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Oh my gosh, keith you're right!
Looks just like northern Ireland on a wet, damp day too. (That's all the weather we get.)%

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Although the foreground is wonderful, it's the background of this piece that really grabs my attention - it really reminds me of the Lake District in England on a rainy day (heh, which it usually is in England!). Wonderful sense of distance - a gentle sense of the landscape plunging away, with the hills receding into the clouds. Not to mention the fantastic detail work on the dragon!

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ooooo i love it! this is by far my favorite picture by you. it's amazing. the colours are beautiful, the dragon is great, and she is's perfect Laughing out loud

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This one, I like... sometimes I feel that the background in your pictures is a little too detailed...I find my eye being drawn away from the focal point to stare at the settings (not that I mind this at all... the eye should roam the picture! ^^)
But the slightly unfinished look of the tree and the bushes and the mountains in the background... very watercolour paints, sets off the detail of the dragon, and the woman.
Therefore, this slightly different style is fantastic, and this one rates as one of my favourites of your pictures.
Well done, I cannot tell you just how much I love and admire your art ^_^

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ooooo! i love it! the composition the colors! the whole dark atmosphere is glorious! i've always been partial to gigantic ferocious dragons, but this one is very nice as well. lol. ^_~ i'm always so happy to see new art on your site!

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MY Dear you have done it again just amazing work! I am always floored by your glorious work! I miss seeing your works must rumage soon!

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wow this pic makes me feel really strange looking down into that vallery(ive got vertigo, lol) its a wonderful picture i just love the composition and the texture, another fabulous pic!

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another great picture Linda!...

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So beautiful and real looking. The dragon looks so neat. I lo e the colors and textures of all your pieces, but this one especially. If I could draw as well as you, I'd be the happiest peron on Earth. I'm soo jealous. ^.^

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Stunning realism, I'd love to see a tutorial on this painting (in my dreams). That dragon is cool as hell and you know it! Argh! You're just too good! I might break down and buy a print of this one.

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Very beautiful picture! The dress, her hair are very nice, I like everythings!

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as i said over on dA, this is my fav by you! just the textures and colors and overall visuals are so, so beautiful! excellent work linda! Laughing out loud

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Hey! It's been a while since I've left you a comment, but I really liked this piece--it's got a lovely colour scheme to it, and I am charmed by the tree.

Art at its best.