The melody of your demise. by enayla

The melody of your demise.

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 28, 2003
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Tales speak of how Mehach, Goddess of Death, used to visit the world of Aii Chriaston in the past. She would herself step down from her ebony keep, and gently weave and coax souls from their discarded shells - and legends speak of how she, when gathering souls from a battlefield, met a wounded, but still breathing young man by the name of Ereyon...If you want more of the story - or wallpaper sized versions of the image, just visit my website at :]

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Wonderful. . . Nothing else can describe it. That even is an understatement. . . Outstanding, lovely, gorgeous, beautiful. . . All are understatements. I love the blues and the hands are really cool. Beautiful moon. Weird hair, but it's neat. Really nice. Thumbs way up!

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linda -
your work is ethereal... wonderful!!!
thank you for sharing a bit of your world.
sov gott! (i still have a lot of family in sverige, but speak none)Wink)

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This is my first visit to your site and I already love your art. This one especially!!! The look of a haunted person. I think it's beautiful.

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wow...this is amazing...the colours are great...she is beautiful ::speechless::

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Incredible as always, Linda! I've nothing constructive to say, but I'd rather just look at it anyway!

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Linda! This is simply awesome. *is speechless*

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did you intend to have a hint of the orient in the picture? such as the pattern on her skirt and the phoenix head on her harp?

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Don't you get tired of all the compliments, Linda? Your people are just gorgeous as are all the details in your pic. Compared to your older pics which were already great these new ones still manage to outclass them.

Fantastic work. Really something to dream about.

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Beautiful. Your work has a gentle, lyrical quality. Beautiful and meloncholy. Wonderful!

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I have adored your work from the get go but I have to say this is just utterly amazing totally entrancing. such beauty!!!!!!!!

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The most wonderful picture you have deep.....the feeling that the deep lost...and the hope of past that can come back to life...

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this is a really increadable and touching pciture, the ghostly image is just lovely, a ghostly presence like the touch of a breeze. gorgeous pic!!!

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Wow! There's not much more to say...

I already saw this on your page and stared at it in awe - still, I keep finding new things (I've just discovered those hands in the sky and I can't believe I didn't see them before...)
- Amazing!

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Incredible! Amazing and awe inspiring. I love your work, I always look for new pieces by you because you're just a fantastic artist. This piece is absolutely beautiful. Well done!

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You are a modern day master.

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I just love your work.. wow!

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what a gorgeous, serene picture. I love the hair. And her face, her face is so beautiful. I'm in love with this one!

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Good idea!

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georgeous linda just beautifully done as usual! Laughing out loud

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Wow... totally morbid, but beautiful in every way... the color... the feeling you give the veiwer is amazing! It gives off this... I love you, why have you left me...? kinda feel... great work! Just wondering... how do you make digital art? like, do you draw it first? Then what? An answer would be greatly appreaciated!

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This is beautiful Linda, as is all your work. I am a big fan of yours so I always get a big smile when you put up something new for us all to enjoy.

Art at its best.