The Masks We Wear by gryphon

The Masks We Wear

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Added: Jun 16, 2001
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vgriffin's picture

Wow...this is VERY impressive!! The flowers and feathers especially. Wonderful picture!! Smile

Guest's picture

I want to tell you how very talented I think you are..these images are beautifully rendered..what a pleasure to view! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with guests like me..and please continue with your art..I will be looking for your work in future!

gryphon's picture

*dances* Someone commented! Someone really commented! There *are* actual people who look at my work!


Erm, yeah. I sketch in pencil first, because it seems to be easier to work out the composition that way... After that, I scan and paint.

Guest's picture

WoW! Nicole, this is amazing work here. The feathers, the flowers, her dress, her hair... I bounced around this piece for the longest time, in awe over every detail. You have wonderful talent. Did you start with a sketch or go straight to the computer with this idea? I use photo references in my drawings as well. I feel it's the only way to accurately portray certain elements I want to include in a piece, especially if I am new to drawing them. You have a real gift for color. This piece is very pleasing to look at, I like the energy. And I love masks so this is a delight for me. BRAVO!
--sincerely -nightling

gryphon's picture

Well, it's probably a combination of photo reference and the fact that the real file's about 10 X 12, 300 dpi. Smile Her hair was totally out of my head, though...

Guest's picture

Most wonderfully done Nicole! How did you manage to give those flowers, hair, feathers etc so much nifty detail? I am puzzled!

gryphon's picture

Yes, I do use a tablet - it's a Wacom Graphire 4 x 5, specifically. You really should get one if you do the digital thing frequently... you will absolutely worship the sucker afterward if you're detail-oriented. Smile

hobgoblin's picture

just thought id check this piccy out as well, you've got a really good eye for detail. Do you use a tablet? im still struggling with a mouse which is like trying to type with your head. very frustraiting. Please post some more coloured work, id love to see more....okay bye again.

yeechi's picture

I can see the Linda Bergkvist influence in this one! The hair and the shimmers in the feathers. I think you've got a least a good clue on how to do that "Nightshimmer" shimmer. Wink

gryphon's picture

Thanks - I really admire Linda, so you don't know how much of a compliment that was! I tried going to your site, but it seems to be nonfunctional... Sad Hope it's back up soon.

Guest's picture

My God that is so beautiful. You are extremely talented like Linda B. Keep it up and I'll be definately stopping by your site for updates. ^_^

Art at its best.