Temple in the clouds by williamli

Temple in the clouds

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Added: May 24, 2001
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High above, a small temple stands secluded by eternal clouds. Hidden from civilisation it promises peace of mind and harmony to those who seek it and have the courage to scale the steep rocks.

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fabulous landscape

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You know...you committed a very mean crime. It is...absolutely bad to show such a wonderful place to poor, small people so they will long for it...*sigh* Even if it was real, how could someone get there? It's so awful...you look at this picture and your soul feels at home..but it will never really reach this place. Torture. That's such a crime.

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wow! the fine details are great. this is really cool, awsome!!!!!!!

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Its simply beautiful! What a blessing to have such talent. This reminds me of a building that would be in the MYST III: Exile game. Gorgeous!

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Wow this is great. Reminds me of those asian paintings...almost non-digital.

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absolutly great!
Wonderful painted.
Prima Arbeit Wink

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Once a long time ago. The monks at the temple saw a slender girl stride up the path to their temple. In front of them she stopped, turned a full revelation around herself, gave a small whoop and went away again.

To this day the monks still debate what the purpose of this was.
Little did they understand she just enjoyed the view.

A simple mind is sometimes smarter than a full temple of monks, who take themselves much too seriously.


I love the picture btw., great style. Smile

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Reminds me of a musical piece I layed down a while back... Very cool scene... sooothing,.. mmmmm

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awesome! a little oriental - I think it's the trees that impress me as bonzai Smile The louds and mist are in my favourite colours.

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*Sign*So so beautifull...
Oh sorry,I was still looking at your painting!LoL!Smile
I could look at this painting for days and get not enough of it if I had to!
Very very very verrry pretty William!!!Smile
Keep making this kind of paintings okey?
They are wonderfull!!!

Sweet Giggles from Louisiana

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Stunningly beautyful! With its peacefulness and the wild, majestic scenery around it reminds me of a monastry I visited on the Emeishan mountain to watch "buddhas light" (well that dindn't work but the sunrise was great enough ^_^). I love this pic.

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heh... me neither

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I truly wish I could live in a place like this. So peaceful and spiritual. I believe it would heal my soul....Of course, this would just be my "Summer" home, I can't live without my computer and sattelite dish too long. *snicker*..^_^

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Not that far from some of the old Chinese masters, at least as far as concept, washes, space etc. I suppose. Other than the structures on the rocks.

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Ofcourse we would be interested!

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he Coen, i didn't think you'd be interested Smile

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Good work man. Why didn't you let us know you are on epilogue?

Coen de Moor

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Willaim, this is very beautiful..!!

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absolutely beautiful. I played Abe's Odyssey on that bridge, mate Smile Had it looked anything like this I doubt I would have wanted to pass that level.

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I agree, it's really beautiful. Nice composition, lighting colors...very harmoneous.

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*sign* absultly beautiful...

Art at its best.