0 ? ( what is the fortune ) by 0-1

0 ? ( what is the fortune )

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 28, 2001
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Artwork Description

No home

No friends

No sight

No sounds


Nothing on her hand...

Also in her mind...

Only a silence...

Then one thing comes in to her sight, oh, that was the " Blue Bird."

What is that...

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The only word reaching near to the expression I wanted ot write, but this doesn't exist yet...

Reminds me a bit of Suu from the Manga-Comic "Clover" by Clamp, do you know that??

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amazing..the depth youve put into this, it looks like, it must have been an extreamly difficult piece of artwork to find teh right lighting...beautiful

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The texture is so amazing! Her raw/cold/metallic-looking skin next to the smooth/soft little bird bings great contrast..Beautiful piece and wonderful description with it..

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Wow. Just wow. Looking at it makes me silent inside to. The texture is great. And i love how you drew her hands. In every picture i've seen of you so far (aka every picture in this gallery) i've noticed you have the most perfect hands. Wow. Im in awe..'

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The woman seem fragile, in a very beautiful world. The woman is like maybe rot in this beautiful world? And the bluebird comes to her for comfort? That is story I get from it ^^. And the texture, the colour, the woman, it's all amazing! I kind of feel sorry for woman ;_;

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What a beautiful and expressive piece.

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tell me more about her. its so beautiful and sad!

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tell me more about her. its so beautiful and sad!

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*sighs* What a masterpiece.I have just one very stupid question though : What is she ? A robot ? A zombie ? *limps back to her gallery,feeling incredibly stupid*

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This is something else. The texture is great as is the concept.

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hello noco! i think this is my favourite picture in your gallery.. it's so pretty and sad.. the colors..ah.

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Very deep & expressive. It's almost as though I can feel the emotions. Keep it up!

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absolutley breathtaking, so much emotion behind it,brilliant. i love this one the best

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This is simply amazing!

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love it. so expressive.. there are feelings hidden in this work.

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1. Painter's color exchange function.
2. Painter's Charcoal brush.

I used this 2 ways to make these textures.

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what did you do to get such wonderful texture?

blackgnome's picture

u are like the wind.
u call the little birds.
u love the sounds of the life.


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THis is fabulous! My favourite pic on Epilogue now Smile

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wow, what a beautiful drawing...

Art at its best.