The Revival by hidook

The Revival

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Added: Jun 21, 2001
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An enchantress gives a little bird a second chance Shock)

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Very nice! The creatures remind me quite a bit of Leo and Diane Dillon's work.. especially their work from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".

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I have heard that before actually...perhaps I will give it a shot...thanks for looking!
Take Care!!

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I wish to see it painted. Beautyful.

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Oooh...the rest are very smaaaalll. They are little faeries....... ;o)
Being given a second chance is always nice. Take Care!!

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Charming little creatures Smile

Is the bird very big - or are the rest small? Great drawing!

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This is rather like one of the whimsical old (as in 1800s) pictures of magic and fairies...Beautiful nude (or scantily clad) men and women, large and cute animals, and usually an adorable large bird with a round head like the one in your picture. The tree branchs are lovely. For some reason, I like them the most, the little curled ones Laughing out loud
Good texture and shading seem to be your specialty, as well as wonderful details that give a...a sort of feeling that I can't quite describe. Lovely.


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Thanks for the comments Janne!! Pencils are by far the most controllable of any media I have used to date, so it will always have a place in my arsenal! Thanks again!!
Take Care!!

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Thats awesome pencil work. I like just about everything in the pic. The lady, the creatures, the bird (thoug it took me a while to see how the bird was lying there). And the backround, it just is so great! The huge stone pilars or towers at the back really create a feeling of depth.

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Aw, That Poor lil birdie.. YAY!! it gets a second chance an stuff! ^_^ ::huggles lil birdie:: Is the bird normal size? Determining its feet structure, my guess its a finch. Or just anything. Cute birdie! ::huggles it::

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thank you! I think ;oD

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You should have said "birdie"

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This is so awesome! What you are able to do with a pencil must be rated as the 8th deadly sin. The shadows are beautiful.

Art at its best.