The Escape by hidook

The Escape

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 18, 2002
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revised...adjusted darks, and the perspective on the back hand

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Thank you! Yeah I think you are right about the foot, it does need to be darker a bit......Yeah and the pose is much too static.....I was workin with a friend for the pose, and It was the best one....I only realized after, that it was not very dynamic. Its something I plan to work on in my newer pieces. I am glad you like! Thanks again! Take Care!!

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Laughing out loud What a fun scene! Love the action to it. I'm wondering one thing: should the foot of Mr. Explodey LizardMan be darker?

2ndly, I agree with Kennedy: her pose (more in the lower body than upper) feels too static...I fully expected her to be barreling towards them; this doesn't look like an escapign pose. Otherwise, maybe give her a WIDE stance, bracing against her own magic?

Yeah. Just what I'd do. But this is NIIIICE. I wish I could do something as complicated.

parl-sky's picture

great coherent piece. Beautiful illustration, good depth.
I hope you dont mind a piece of constructive criticism(im alwasys happy when I get some) is on the dynamics of the figures, i think specifically the girls lower body stance is too static.
but again, great illustration, you can feel the story and characters very well.

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Good use of color and depth.
I likes it!

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Hey thanks Chris! It was my most detailed piece to date, and the first of many to come! Thanks a lot!

Take Care!!

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Very cool dungeon design, great color and composition. I like how the light is bursting out from inside of the lizard man.

Art at its best.