Garbage Dragon by jackal

Garbage Dragon

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 16, 2003
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Artwork Description

Dragon as garbage disposal. This started out as a style experimemt for a totally different style, and then there was a happy accident with the digital oil pastels, and voila!

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I have been a fan of your work for a while since I first found it on deviantART, and I have to say, this is still my favourite piece of yours. The seeming-spontaniety and freeness of all of your pieces makes me smile.

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lol nice subject, how did you able to achieve those nice textures its looking like watercolour but you did that with digital pastels o_O

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Reminds me of the dragons in one of Terry Pratchets books- the ones that explode because they are chemically unstable. This picture is very cute and funny and the texture is cool:)

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why does it look so similar to my aunt's dog? The expression is almost the same Laughing out loud

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why does it look so similar to my aunt's dog? The expression is almost the same Laughing out loud

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This one is my favorite from you..

He would be a cool pet Smile

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Fun, cool, and really well rendered! Can't ask for anything more. Smile

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It's awfull, typical human thinking: "All serve us!!"... Just because you lazy butts won't take your garbage out.

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I had to laugh at those itty bitty, useless wings!

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Lovely - it's comic, but slightly tragic as well. The expression on his face is wonderful.

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Neat!!! I absolutely love the textures and colors in this one. It is very unique, although there has been a garbage disposal dinosaur in the movie the flintstones but this is far better! I would really like to own one myself.

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What a concept!
You have a truly silly and whimsical imagination!
It's good to see some new art from you too, hasn't it been a while?

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Rock on! I need one of those, myself! Love the slit-eyed, puff-bellied replete look on his face, there. The skin texture is also particularly tasty. Always a fan!

Art at its best.