Sir Bunny Vs. The Wockwurm by jackal

Sir Bunny Vs. The Wockwurm

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Added: Aug 18, 2003
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The valiant Sir Bunny vs. the Ravenous Wockwurm. I have days like this.

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Nicely done, I see you based this on the Jabberwocky, I've been trying to draw that dang dragon thing for quite a while but never got it, I see you did it well.

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Ursula, I'm glad you're on epilogue...I really like this painting as the cover of Leading Edge #48. Your work is very original and humorous, as is your commentary on it.

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I love the texture and the original creature creation. Ursula Vernon your creatures very original, i simply love it.

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you would be great in the child's book market. have you ever considered it? if not you should.where were the good quality pictures like yours in books of mine as a child? try and save the new generation. put a book out Smile -wink

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this is actually the first piece of yours that I saw, and it's still my favourite! Smile the bunny from holy grail, like someone said, so puny yet so deadly! Wink

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What a wonderfully imaganitive piece. Well done indeed! I enjoyed your whole gallery.

kyrn's picture

I love the bunny! It's like Monty Python meets Jabberwocky.

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Awesome pic! Ursula, this is wonderful!

arikla's picture

Must agree with Terry. Reminds me of a young Killer Rabbit from Monty Python... they all start out so innocent... and then SOMETHING happens Wink

jmrart's picture

I love it! I absolutely love it!!!

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ha! nice one Ursula...must be the Monty Python`s wabbit ...from search of the holy grail...Tehee

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EXCELLENT !! I love this painting !!! mwahahaa the wyrm's face is AWESOME ! lol

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This is great, creepy albeit, but great.

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heck, this one is great! It made me laugh very much (bout the contents, of course)... doesn't look like the poor bunny would stand any chance, though... I guess, this represents a fairy tale, so...

This piece is REALLY REALLY great, i love the way you drew it and the pastel-toned nightmare vision. Wonderful!


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Oh wow, my heart melts at the sight of that little guy! I hope he doesn't get hurt...Fantastic and unique concept here. Great stuff!

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This is terrific work! Awesome Wurm! Great stuff!

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Fantastic imagery! Sir Bunny is a perfect hero and the Wockworm is a perfect monster, lovely dramatic humour, and the details and colours are out of this World! Bravo!

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brave brave bunny...

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What a fantastic imagination you have. This picture has so much humour in it!

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OMG thats great! I heard this little voice in my head saying quietly " Begone foul beast."

Art at its best.