Baboons at war by sdeanbloom

Baboons at war

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 05, 2001
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I did this image because the helmetted fellow in the foreground was driving me crazy and had to get out. The rest is just a backdrop for him-- or her. Equal rights, right?

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sdeanbloom's picture

Wow! Someone actually commented on my work?! It's been so long...then again, it's been a long, long, long time since I uploaded anything new. I will have to rectify that soon.

Thanks so much for taking a look, Laura.

prismstudios's picture

COOL STUFF! I like everything on your page..................L.

Guest's picture

this is probably my favorite pic of yours, Dean... it's smooth, clean and portrays a unique and exciting scene - what more could one ask for??
I like this smooth and shiny style better than the (sometimes odd, I think) skin tones on your humans... please do more like this!

sdeanbloom's picture just came to me in the middle of the night. I got out of bed and started painting away on my PC. My wife thought I was insane. Well, maybe I am. Who knows!

ct2001's picture

Cool helmet!

sdeanbloom's picture

Thank you, Eric! I appreciate you coming by to look at my stuff.

archetype's picture

I like this composition and especially enjoy the title that hints at a deeper meaning. Nice work!

sdeanbloom's picture

Thank you so much, man! I really didn't know that this picture would give off the feel of a movie, but I'm glad it did.

caitmf1's picture

i love the detail and moveemnt in this one, gorgeous, and the film like quality, like u got a person right in ur face, and background people, beautiful.

sdeanbloom's picture

Kay, you don't know how long it took to do this image (a mimimum of 12 hrs!), or how much fustration it gave me concerning the lighting. I wanted to put in more stuff in the background, but thought that it would make the whole scene too crowded. nevertheless I'm glad you liked it!

sdeanbloom's picture

Wow! Thanks, Jean-Pierre! I have been really trying to tighten up my work, but am still getting used to using a wacom tablet and pressure pen. I've been learning alot just from studying the great art here at Epilogue.

Guest's picture

I think this is the third time I have been back to this. (comment thing keeps messing up on me) But that isn't the only reason... I love the stark realness of the helmet in the foreground against the depth of the background. Great epic scene...when's the movie?

vengince's picture

I like the raw power of this image the helmet and background are pretty damn good the smoke and fire are excellent.

Art at its best.