Swamp skimmer by sdeanbloom

Swamp skimmer

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 09, 2001
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a picture done totally in Bryce, except for the lens flare.

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sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you liked it. It's still one of my favorite pieces.

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This is an amazingly believable looking depiction of some exotic realm . There are NO cliches of the typical sci-fi Boris Vallejo variety . This is truly a novel work! Beautiful. Jay at mudstones2@a0l.com

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The setting for this picture is so beautiful. I Like the effects on the water surface too.

chimera's picture

Well I really like the lens flare and the reflection of it on the water..wow this is a great picture..love the misty look and the water!!whoah! yeah, it really shows you've put a lot time in it:)

frodo's picture

This is neat Dean,you really get the atmosphere of a swamp here...great work

sdeanbloom's picture

Hey, I'm glad you liked it, Dan! It was fun to do. You really should look into trying digital. It has some great advantages to it.

wolverat's picture

This very cool. I'm going to have to take some classes on digital art.

hobgoblin's picture

wow this is amazing, the water is just fantastic, Im so afraid of even trying to tackle rippled water, but you seem to have done a truly fantastic job, well done. What is bryce? is it like Photoshop with 3d elements?

sdeanbloom's picture

Hey...thanks Katy! That means a lot to me. I did really enjoy making this piece (even concidering the troubles it gave me). If you want to start doing 3D and don't know NURBS modeling and whatnot, then Bryce isn't a bad start (Bryce 5 just came out with a tree lab and an improvement on its sky lab). Please come by again!

k-t-roo's picture

wow, your one great artist, i love everything. bryce looks a good program, ill have to look it up.
i love the mist in the and the overall swampyness of the background, great work

sdeanbloom's picture

Glad thst you like it Scott. Thank you for coming by my gallery!

blobsticks's picture

Great atmospherics and vehicle design.

sdeanbloom's picture

I Know what everyone says about Bryce, Judy! No, it isn't the most powerful 3D app out there, but it CAN do some interesting stuff if ya work really hard at it. And it can make ya come up with some innovative ideas to get around its shortcomings. As for the trees, well....a few of them are models and lot of them are images on 2D surfaces. All those trees as well as the fog almost crashed my PC, so I know your fustration about Bryce. Incidentally, I don't use it too much anymore. I'm delighted that you came by and commented on this piece. Thanks, Judy!

gecky's picture

Oh, sorry if I didn't really express it in my previous comment, but I do like the image. Smile

gecky's picture

And I thought Bryce was useless. Don't know how you did it. I was having tons of problems trying to make shapes in Bryce... That and eventually my computer couldn't take it. Are the trees in the background an image on a plane or 3d sculptures? Oh, and I think you should reconsider the lens flare. I don't like them, but at least it seems somewhat realistic to have a lens flare in this picture...

sdeanbloom's picture

I'm glad you liked it, Christiaan! It's one of my favorite 3D pieces.

sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks, Rafal. The vehicle is a swamp skimmer. It is pretty much a cockpit on pontoons powered by variable thruster fans.

caitmf1's picture

thisi s absoultely amazing, like a photo, so full of emotion and character. brilliant, those trees rule.

mcf's picture

very moody - the mist creeps away revealing this mean looking... eh yeah, what is it? It looks great though Wink
I like the trees too.

Art at its best.