The Gargoyle's next meal by sdeanbloom

The Gargoyle's next meal

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Added: Jun 18, 2001
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A gargoyle watches its prey.....

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I like the tail. Smile It's a little too hairy to match the rest of the body, though! :/

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Ok, I really like your drawing, Smile but I think you should know that gargoyles DO NOT eat peaople, ever, no never, not at all!!! :/

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This picture reminds me of THE RAVEN

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Oh, yeah.....I do realize that now that that they were supposed to guard over the residents of the home they were placed on, but in my defense, when I did this drawing I was about 19 years old Wink. Thanks for commenting! Glad it caught your eye!

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This is an awesome picture, very erie in its feel. I must however agree, in a sense, with the freak who thinks he's a gargoyle. Gargoyles are meant to protect, not eat our young. Nevertheless, I love it!

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Why to hell do you think that WE eat children? with that picture your breaking my heart ... i am a Gargoyle and I would never ever do something like this....

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Hey, thanks, man! Glad you came by my gallery. I really enjoyed looking at your stuff.

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It's almost like one of those old Victorian ghost photographs. Very atmospheric!!

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Great! Glad it had that effect on you, Dan. I gotta do more pointalism some time soon. Thanks for commenting, man!

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Pointalism is a fantastic way to manage your lights and darks. My hat's definitely off to you, pointalism drives me nuts. This picture is really grusome, it gives me the willies. Keep up the good work

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It did take a long time to do, Rafal! My favorite part, if you look closely, is that the gargoyle is pulling the teddybear's stuffing out with a claw. You know what? I must be a weirdo, 'cause I find pointalism relaxing. It was very fun to do!

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I admire your patience. I did an ink drawing once (a tatoo design) where I had to use dots to make shadows too, and judging from this pic, it must have been quite a lot of work! the gargoyle, the boy and his toys and the sky are great.

Art at its best.