The Euphoria by sdeanbloom

The Euphoria

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Added: Jul 07, 2001
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A vampire languishes after feeding.

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sdeanbloom's picture

Thank you very much. I don't get the time to do much pencilwork nowadays. I'd love to start it up again.....some day....

mya's picture

Great piece of work, Dean - I love the mix of soft and sharp areas, and her expression is lovely - subtle, and not at all straightforward or overdone.

sdeanbloom's picture

Glad that you like it, Johnnie. And you're right about older stuff.

Guest's picture

Hi,Dean I really like this the mood is very moving. Sometimes older stuff is good too.

sdeanbloom's picture

Thank you, Mark. I'm happy with the results. The Drawing is very old. From around '91 or '92, I think. I just found it while looking for something else so I just put the explanation that hit me when I saw it in my pile of "stuff". I thought: Hey, I gotta post this.
So I have no idea what I was thinking or going for at the time of its creation.

sdeanbloom's picture

Hey, man, thanks! Good of you to come by my gallery.

sdeanbloom's picture

heh, prob, Kay! happens to the best of us. Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. I'm just waiting for you to post some more work of your own!

sdeanbloom's picture

I was thinking that a Vampire would be on the verge know....after feeding. So much so that it would cry...Thanks or taking notice of it Christiaan!

lockett's picture

Yes excellent picture Dean, a great idea well executed. I like the washed out contrast it ads to the feeling of ennui. Tho' without the explination, this would be a very ambiguous image to interpret-deliberately so?

cos's picture

excellent, I love the emotion in the face.

Guest's picture

sorry that is me commenting above and suffering from obvious blondness cause I fotgot to log is my coffee?

Guest's picture

oooo...I like. Wonderful emotion here and so well drawn. That angle of the face is very hard to capture correctly. Great job. Oh and thank you for the wonderful comments in my gallery. (just in case you didn't see my replies)

caitmf1's picture

very strange but beautiful peice here. strange how the eye is bleeding but that just adds a ellusiary feel to t his peice.

Art at its best.