The Watchman by sdeanbloom

The Watchman

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Added: Jul 21, 2001
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This the first "real" painting that I've done in Corel Painter. I know that it's not the best done piece in the world, but it's more a study in brush use in the application than anything else. Hope you like it...!

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Impressed am I as well with your use of color. Glad to see shiny red noses are in your past! The sky turned out nicely, especially the hint of darkness beneath the clouds. The watchman has your characteristic attentiveness about him (unless that's really not a sword he's reaching for, in which case, shame on you). Hopefully one of those specs above the horizon doesn't turn out to be a dragon Wink Though it might make for an interesting compositional balance 8P


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I love this piece dean, the colors detail, but most of all because it doesnt look digital..Great Stuff

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This one really caught my eye. Seeing it up close, though, I can really appreciate all the wonderful texture. I love that sky; looks like a very intriguing character, too.

sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks, man! I love bright colors...! I'm so happy that I can do stuff that look like least until I can use the real thing better. Soon...I hope.

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very strange, strange that its really hard to tell if its painted or digital,l ooks more painted, wonderful use of a computer. great image too, i just luve ur use of such strong colours , and yet its a very sublte peie at the same time.

sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks for the compliment, Jean-Pierre. I guess that color scheme really catches the eyes! As for the oils thing....well I guess that I could afford them (I actually have a couple of sets, if truth be told), but the real reasons I haven't done work in oils in a long time is...(1)I don't really know how to use them well; with the linseed oils and all. I 've worked mostly with acrylics! (2) I have a 1 yr old daughter that would cause havoc if she got her hands on the paints. (3) I don't have the space and proper ventilation for it. And last but unfortunately not least (4) i am very lazy! But I do plan to take some anatomy and painting courses sometime soon I hope. man do I talk!

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Dean great colors especially in the sky very cool. Dont tell me you cant afford oils man..damn makes me want to give you my old high school set Wink. Dont abandon the old linseed and pigments just yet give em a try in the future nothing like standing in front of a real oil painting and smelling the varnish of a can tell I spent way to much time at the museums.

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Thanks, man! I had to force myself to learn the interface better, but once I started I couldn't stop. I was hoping that it would come off as oils. I really can't afford or have the time for real oils so this is the next best thing. And no clean-up afterwords. Glad you came by!

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Hi, Kay! You know, I really had a lot of fun doing this one (it almost painted itself)! I used several different brushes but not the airbrush. Thank you so much for coming by Laughing out loud!

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Wow! Thanx, Smitha. I love the colors in this as well...heh, heh! It's a little offbalance, but I think that I will add something to the left side of the painting (maybe a dragon or a thief climbing a tower in the background?).

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I'd say the experiment was a success! There is no way I would have guessed this is digital Dean. Some nice textures I particularly like the lace and the wall. nice idea too, "they also serve..." and all that.

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Oh Dean! I love your use of color in this piece.Great brush use too. It has a very painterly look. The clouds are fabulous too. Are you using the paint brush tool or the air brush tool? I really can't tell.
But anyhow, wow I love it and the use of light and shadow! *Stunning Piece*

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The bright colors were evident even from the thumbnail; it's a very vivid piece, and the detail's just wonderful; it really looks like an oil painting. Shock)

Art at its best.