Elk Head by sdeanbloom

Elk Head

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Added: Aug 13, 2001
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OK. I was given pointers for my abysmal composition...and this is what I came up with. I hope that it has a good balance to it.

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Stephanie, first off I'd like to thank you for taking time to look at my stuff and leave a comment. I'm happy that this painting has recieved the notice that it has. As for the that scabbard....that damn scabbard...! I can't seem to get the lighting on it right. It's driving me crazy.....

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Yep, Simon, it has gone through some changes. I smoothed out the clouds and made his face look a little more straight ahead. And of course, I added the title at the top.

puimun's picture

Heh..this is great. Love the colors in it, and the floofy clouds. Sword was the one thing that stuck out at me, even before reading the comments too. So I have to agree with mark. the reflected lighting on him worked out very well!

hobgoblin's picture

i saw the first draft of this on illustrators Inc. i loved it then and i still do, think its gone through a few changes since then hasnt it dean. Love that green uplight.

sdeanbloom's picture

Glad that you liked it, Martin. I think that I'm going to do a series of paintings in this style. I'm working on a dark elf painting right now. Hope to finish it soon.

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This guy was un to paint, Christiann! I wanted to do something that really had a fantasy feel to it that would relate to children. Thank you so much for leaving a comment.

grue's picture

Great carachter Dean, The painting has a wonderful pastel look to it.

caitmf1's picture

i really like this ogre guy , its always impressive when im not sure if a image is digital or painted. it looks painted. the colours are very strong, which is totally the opposite of how i see a orc thype creature. but uve pulled it off really well. really neat character desighn and great use of vivid chromatic colours.

sdeanbloom's picture

No, no. After reading kay's explaination I see what you're talking about. I just didn't understand what you were talking about. I've tried to correct the scabbard thing. So you're not daft at all.

lockett's picture

Sorry Dean, just me being daft- take no notice this is an excellent painting.

Guest's picture

oh Dean! I really like the choice of colors here...the green highlighting is brilliant! This guy is great. I would love to see a whole series of these in this style.
I think I see what Mark means...but I wouldn't have noticed it if he hadn't pointed it out. The sword tip looks as if it is coming towards you. Yet the grass overlaps it confusing the eye to think it is going away from you. So either the sword point should be over the grass or pointed more away. But just a small itty bitty thing in a wonderful painting.

sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks, Mark. I had tons of fun doing this one....I think that I will do a series of paintings in this style. The next one will probably be a Dark Elf in an underground cavern. As for the sword....I don't quite understand what you mean. Could you elaborate?

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Ha! Great piture Dean, this bloke is terrific, excellent character design and the colours are outstanding. As for composition- looks good to me. One tiny, tiny point, the tip of his sword, either overlap the edge or pull it in a little? when something is 'on the line' so to speak it looks a little 'uncomfortable' for want of a better word. Sorry, this is still top quality painting.

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