You should see the other guy.... by sdeanbloom

You should see the other guy....

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Added: Aug 23, 2001
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This was all blurred when I recently looked over my gallery, so I decided to upload a higher resolution version with a bit of an addition. Can you see the changes? They're very minor, but felt they needed to be added.

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snow-wolf's picture

*glances at clawed hand on the floor* all I have to say is ouch... I don't think I really want to see what happened to him.... ummm it.... whatever! Wonderful work Dean!

Guest's picture

nice work there sherman hope to see you soon keep up the good work bronco bill

sdeanbloom's picture

Thank you very much, Christiaan! I was going to have 'the other guy' in the painting as well, but decided that it would clutter the image too much, hense the title for the image.

sdeanbloom's picture

Hey, thanks a lot, Cos! I did use a photo for reference on this painting (Which I don't usually do, unfortunately). I'm just glad that it's finished.

sdeanbloom's picture

Yeah, I don't know why I've been into green light lately....maybe it's the summer's effect on me? The wound was fun to do. I knew that I had to get the lighting on it just right or it would distract too much from the rest of the painting. Rust....mnnnnn! Thanks for commenting, Martin!

sdeanbloom's picture

Glad that you like the pose, Kay. I used a photo for reference on this painting. The woman was completely nude and the photo was in B&W. I'm proud of myself for getting the skintone right Smile. The lighting was fun to do, but like I told Mark, the rusted metal was my favorite (even though it took only about an hour to do.

sdeanbloom's picture

The painting was sitting on my HD for weeks half finished I had the figure about 3/4 done and that was it. Then one day I said "Dean, get off your ass and finish this one" so I did. The background didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but the resulting lighting did so I guess it was a trade off. I most enjoyed doing the rusted metal. I love the look of rusted metal!

caitmf1's picture

great foreshortening here dean and i just love the green lazer light relected so well in all the picture. a definetely cool cyber punk peice.

cos's picture

Yeah this is excellent Dean, The girl is really good.
Her look and pose really works. Something very natural
and realistic about it. Great folds on the garments
too, and nice composition.
nice composition.

grue's picture

I've noticed quite a few artist's are drawn to green recently, myself included, hmmmm. Great peice, I especiealy like the way you did the wound on her leg, just the right amount of reflected light. And the ageing on the metal thing she's sitting on. Great use of light and color too.

Guest's picture

Great pose Dean. Very realistic. I like the lighting also. But I think the expresion and pose are the most brilliant thing about this. The message is

lockett's picture

Nice one Dean, particularly like the colours -very 'natural' and the reflected light is excellent too.

Art at its best.