I've got my eye on you by sdeanbloom

I've got my eye on you

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Added: Dec 01, 2001
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A study in multiple light sources. I don't think that it turned out too well, but I put alot of work into it....so here it is.

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sdeanbloom's picture

WOW! That means a lot to me! I've always loved this painting, too. It makes me feel good that something I've created has had such an impact on another person. People like you make it all worthwhile! Come back anytime!!!

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Hello, Dean. I saw this painting a few years ago, and I fell in love with it. I'm not a fan of rough textures (the clothing) either, but of all the digital art I critiqe, none has ever taken my breath away quite like this. She has such a poignancy in her gaze, it's all I could look at for a while. Her disposition is ageless, worn, and enduring with poise. I've looked at it many times for strength, because that's the message the entire scene radiates. I just want to thank you for creating such a beautiful thing, even though you probably didn't expect a post like this. It's all in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Two or one!
Thank you.

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She look really beautiful. Long time ago, I feel like a cripple wearing such an eyepatch. With timem I learned that most men like at and find it very sexy.


sdeanbloom's picture

The eyepatch design is one of my favorite parts as well. Thanks for stopping by.

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Cool character - especially like the eyepatch insignia.

cos's picture

cool piece dean! Kinda like a female Snake Pliskin (Escape from New York). I quite like the fact she's not a super beauty, makes it different from the usual and gives it more personality in my opinion. Good job!

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Dude, we've always just assumed you disliked the stereotypical 'attractive woman' Wink Would have been nice to see a beautiful, though harshly lit and eye-patched woman, though. Not sure what you're doing with that cloth either, but hey, it's sci fi so you can just claim its some as-yet-undiscovered tech-fabric.


sdeanbloom's picture

Always a pleasure to read a comment from you, Mark! What really bothers me about this painting is the woman's face. I wanted to make her more attractive, but haven't been able to render a beautiful face lately...maybe the next famale I do will look better.....

sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks, John! I really worked hard on the lighting, but wasn't sure if it turned out properly. Glad you like it!

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Hey there, Jeff! Thanks for commenting. I agree that the cloth looks shabby. It was kind of an afterthought. I was concentrating so much on the lighting that I didn't put much work into it (besides, I suck at cloth. Gotta practice with still-life, I guess). Please stop by again!

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Looks great Dean, a very powerful image.
Yes you do seem to have several light sources here and they all blend nicely.I particularly like the contrast between the yellow/green and the magenta/pink. The use of soft focus on the bacground worked out well. Excellent job mate.

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What i really love about this is the light and the colours..great work dean !!

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It looks fine, Dean Smile. The material is a little bit too rough for my tastes (as in cloth, not subject matter Wink), but aside from that, the face, the hair, and the guide of focus have been done quite well. Gratz Smile.

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