Chief of The Dunedain (Strider) by sdeanbloom

Chief of The Dunedain (Strider)

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Added: Dec 15, 2001
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LOL! That's very funny! And also true. I assume! In this painting in particular, I wanted Aragorn to have a trapped and pained look on his face. I'll try to work more on the eyes!

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need to work on the eyes most of your pics look like there ether sace out of the wits or had to much of whats not good to have

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what I like the most about this picture, is the scared gleam in strider's grey eyes reflected from the light of the sword. I myself would not say that the cloak is "too clean." What is the correct level of dirt he's supposed to carry on himself, anyhow? And as for the sword-- he dosen't use it, so why wouldn't it be clean, too? Great work on the hair and the skin.

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Interesting take on Aragorn. His cloak seems a bit clean and Narsil a bit polished for Ranger-life, but there does seem to be a nice weight-of-destiny in his face. You might want to try faking camera depth on the backgrounds (softening or blurring them slightly), since they're rather powerful as you have them now. BTW- Do you read these comments? Never know with you... RR

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