Come on....can't we talk about this? by sdeanbloom

Come on....can't we talk about this?

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 22, 2003
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Myself as a rogue about to pay his dues the hard way....

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caitmf1's picture

hehehe; love it when artists pose in their own art; wow; talk about realistic; thats got to hurt; no seriously thats amazingly digital realistic painting dean

sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks a lot, Amy. It's one of my favorites, too.

draigathar's picture

Oh I love this one, it's hilarious and very well painted at the same time. Smile

sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks, Marley! Glad you like it! it cracks me up to look at it, too.

sdeanbloom's picture

Thanks, Rita! How's the weather out there?

rita's picture

Wow, this is so cool - perfectly! Now I have to see all your pics Wink

thrax-1's picture

this is excellently painted dean,but what i think really makes this piece is the sword.That just fits the tittle so well.From my visit i'd have to say this is my favourite.Just for its humour,its very effective Smile

sdeanbloom's picture

Thank you and come again!

sdeanbloom's picture

Well, I don't know about that, Patrick! I AM glad you're looking at my stuff, though. Thanks for looking in, man!

sdeanbloom's picture

In my head he's slowly reaching for a tankard of ale to smash over the swordman's head.....but will he be able to before he's run through?

sdeanbloom's picture

Bill, the bead of sweat and the lace collar are my favorite parts. I wanted him/me to look like he's trying to act calm and reason with his confronters, but be worried he'll not be able to talk his way out of this one!

sdeanbloom's picture

This is done off a photo someone took of me at work. I just had to paint it! I think I kinda look like a rogue/cowboy/pimp....but in a good way....rrrrruuuuuuiiiiiiight. It was lots of fun to do.

Guest's picture

I love the look on this guys face!^^ The character or you is very well done. I like the colors alot.^^

megaflow's picture

I agree - perfect expression! Looks like you're a good actor, as well as an artist!

sharpbeak's picture

Despite the rather unforunate prediciment (or maybe because of it) there is such a sense of comedy to this! I can't help but laugh at the expression on your face and only hope that some sudden disturbance happens soon so you can escape in the chaos. Truly excellent work!

bcorbett67's picture

The expression definately suits the situation, I like the little bead of sweat at the top as well, very nice little touch.

socar's picture

That's you? Awesome expression on your face, there--it's exactly the way one would expect someone in that situation to look.

Art at its best.