Thief Motif by sdeanbloom

Thief Motif

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 27, 2004
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This is the first finished piece in a series I've been on for quite some time now. There will be other archetypes soon...Hope you like it. It took me over a year to do (mostly because I'm lazy;P)

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sdeanbloom's picture

Heh! I still wished I did it faster, though. THanks for leaving the comment and keep an eye out for a few more that I am jsut finishing up.

Guest's picture

Don't think of yourself as lazy, but rather, methodical. Good work worth enjoying takes more than a day. I love your works, keep it up. Patter

jeffdurham's picture

Terrific. Excellent design and careful control give this the refined and classical feel you were obviously going for. Can't wait for the next one.

bcorbett67's picture

Blimey Dean! a year!! but hey the time taken was worth it. Great piece Smile

sdeanbloom's picture

Thank you, man! It means a lot, cause I worked real hard on it. I hope the other pieces in the series turn out good as well.

caitmf1's picture

ok love it;beautiful suroundings which just add to the picture and i love the pose; its just so well thought of;a very proffesional peice and just beautifully framed and color balanced;

sdeanbloom's picture

Hey, Uwe! Thanks for popping in. Appreciate you leaving a comment. I hpe to make my next ones even better, now that I have a clear vision of what I want to do with the series.

j-art's picture

lazy ot not - at the end you finished it - and i am glad you did - cause it´s a really great piece - all my respect to you!!!

sdeanbloom's picture

Hey, Mark! Man, if you're lazier than me I pity you, buddy ;D
As for the detailing, I wanted to put in more, but forced myself to stop before I went overboard. I am working on a ranger motif right now and hope to finish it soon (I won't take as long as a year this time, heh!). Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, man. Means a lot to me!

sdeanbloom's picture

Thank you very much, Marley! I hope you like the others I'm doing, too. Always a pleasure to read your comments!

lockett's picture

A year? Blimey Dean, you're almost as lazy as me! Nice image though. I like the detailing here, you get a lot of information in a small area. Good job mate!

thrax-1's picture

I think its one of your best pieces dean!.It feels and looks so tidy. Every detail has been given so much attention!.Thats what really stands out in this piece.This is my favourite of yours,certainly shows the entire years worth of effort Wink.Congratz it's a great one!

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