False Rose by mermalior

False Rose

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Added: Jan 26, 2003
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Pencil work (with acrylics). Everything is own design - both the knotwork and face. After the draw phase I composed them with PS.

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Beautiful! This has been featured on Fan Art Friday on the front page of Dragonmount.com: http://www.dragonmount.com/index.php/News/fan-art-friday/fan-art-friday-screw-you-all-i-love-whee-r454

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Very inspirational. I hope you're teaching others these masterful skills of yours.

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Talán a legcsodálatosabb mind közül Smile. Nagyszerű ez a kép!

mermalior's picture

Thank you very much, I'm a fan of your pen works...

kuk's picture

excellent work,

mermalior's picture

Thank you Paula.

paulad's picture

...the patience...

its lovely:)

mermalior's picture

Thanx Jade!

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This is absolutely gorgeous!! The palette is so soft and ethereal looking--I just love it!

mermalior's picture

It was hard work, but I enjoyed the drawing, because I am a fan of the ornamental design! Thank your comment...

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Beautiful, as usual! I love her eyes, your style really is amazingly expressive. I expect her to blink at any second. I love the Celtic knots around the border, I can only imagine how tiresome that must have been to draw!

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You're welcome

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very interesting tuturial; thanks liptak; im a huge fan of mucha;and art nouveau itself from the buildings and the jewelry; am going to a mucha exibition in holland in a few months; but thanks for the tutorial; very intersting and insightful

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gorgeous face; and howon earth did you do that desighn; do tell

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Thank you Birgit!

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This is just soo beautiful~ You must have loads of patience to draw this many celtic details. =3

mermalior's picture

The best is yet to come;-) Thank you

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I see they keep all the best artwork at the back I am a great fan of pencil work

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A tutorialt: http://art.rpg.hu/tutorial.php?id=2922 címen találod! Érdekes érzés, hogy már másolják a képeimet. Ezt mindenképpen elismerésnek tartom, és nagyon jó, hogy annyira tetszik egy kvázi másik mûvésznek, hogy egy másik médiummal nekiáll megfesteni. Azért remélem nem kereskednek vele Wink Köszönöm a kommented!

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Nagyon tetszik ez a képed. Már láttam valahol ahogy készítetted, a fázisok voltak fent. Talán az rpg-n? Nem tudom, mert a nevedre kerestem rá. Az egyik képedet megfestette üvegre egy lány és annyira tetszett, hogy megkérdeztem kié az eredeti. Így találtalak meg.
Szerencsére, mert a többi képed is tetszik

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Thank you!!

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This truly is amazing! You have such skill and I can only begin to imagine how difficult it was to do that celtic knotwork! Very impressive. The face looks so detailed and smooth, something I could never do with pencil! Keep up the excellent work!

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Thank you Bill! I'm glad you like this. I plan to put some new pencil work...

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It's really good to see good pencil work! The know work is just incredible Smile

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YOUR art is what fantastic! Wink

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hello Lipták?! ^_^ OWO your art is fantast!! *o* I love!!, very detalis *_*


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Thank your nice comment!Wink

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now i looked for a loooong long time on this pic - and i still cant belive what i see - holy cow - this is masterworks - each of the two elements are masterpieces for themselfs, but the combination is just breathtaking - design in its best - thanks for posting -

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Thank you!

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Art at its best.