False Rose by mermalior

False Rose

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 26, 2003
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Pencil work (with acrylics). Everything is own design - both the knotwork and face. After the draw phase I composed them with PS.

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mermalior's picture

Wink Thank your compliment!

gyst-hyu's picture

this is really incredible. Thats your original knotwork!!! man i can't get over this one. you have me addicted

mermalior's picture

As your pen and ink stuff Christoffer!

csaar's picture

very nice!

mermalior's picture

Thank you Socar! I sent the tutorial of this pic to Chad Lockwood. I hope he will put it up to the art technique of Epilogue soon.

socar's picture

How on earth had I not seen this one before? The knotwork is extremely impressive, as always. You have an exceptional knack for these graceful patterns.

mermalior's picture

Thank you Ishan! I'm with 'love' your orange cannelured dragon. That's a well-designed pic too!

Guest's picture

Amazingly beautiful work, Liptak - really tight pencil work, looks very clean. The intricacy of the interlocking pattern is remarkable. Those eyes are beautiful! Great work!

mermalior's picture

Ah Jordan! Thank you very much! Your comment is honour, you are master of unique, well-designed art! I like your all pic!

Guest's picture

Liptak, I'm so in awe of the way you capture beauty in your female faces... I'm not even going to start on your knotwork, that juts looks absolutely torturous (in a really good way!).

mermalior's picture

Emily thank your nice comment! I hope the tutorial of the ornamental elements and this pic will be on Epilogue's Art technic section, where you can find the process of the making of ornaments!

emilyjzb's picture

I agree, this really would have made a great editors pick! It's absolutely gorgeous! I always envy (in the best possible way) anyone who can master Celtic Knotwork to this degree- I find it impossible!
The face in the middle is so pretty aswell, the eyes are stunning!

mermalior's picture

Thank you!

disa's picture

You have a nice hand, greetings!

mermalior's picture

I'm glad you like it! I must accept your opinion about Liandrin, because I trust your WoT knowledge. Your WoT portraits are fantastic! Perhaps this is only a fantasy. A personal Liandrin Wink 'cause I LOVE bad girls...

maddie's picture

Just needed to say that this is some stunning pencil/acrylic, and the knotwork is brilliant. I don't quite agree that she is Liandrin, but she's beautiful non-the-less. A desert princess, perhaps? Smile

mermalior's picture

Thank you! Yes, I haven't updated in 5 months, because I'm working on an RPG book. I hope if I'll be ready I can post many new picture! Soon...

chutap's picture

i was in Katherine Dinger's page, looking at the picture "flare" (http://www.epilogue.net/cgi/database/art/view.pl?id=10019) and saw your comment there, you said "I respect the technic, but the technic is not art. Like a car mechanic guy. He could repair cars, he could recolor, or put spoilers, but he couldn't make a working thing. In his life, there are everything static... The forms, shapes, moods, ideas, dreams are always changing... An artist needs to grab a moment, or build a sample. That's way I think the ultra realistic style is only effect-hunting"

i have to say, bravo to you!!! Laughing out loud

there's not many people who can manage to speak your mind so smartly like you do, and i am glad that you can be honest, instead of the rest of poeple who commented on that pic that just said "wow!! thats a great picture!" "nice!!!" or something like that. at least your comment means something!!!!

btw, do you have any new art? you haven't updated in ..........5 months!

mermalior's picture

Thank you, kulbongkot chutaprutikorn:))

chutap's picture

so beautiful Liptak!
the designs are so intricate and even. you have talent and creativity! and the girl is pretty tooo

mermalior's picture

Thank you:) I'm a fan of your art!

griffingirl's picture

Yet a rose, by any other name, would still smell as sweet....beeee-you-tee-ful!

mermalior's picture

Hey Sergey:) Your faces are great too. I don't like the digital mediums, but your art is very impressive:) Thank your comment! Wink

sh-serg's picture

Very beautiful work! I like you did face and ornamental design.

mermalior's picture

Thank you Anouk:)

Guest's picture

it's so.. soft and beautiful. love the design it looks very complicated (probably cause it is) I love the look of the girl, those eyes are enchanting..

mermalior's picture

Thank you Eric...

eric-chen's picture

I love your knotwork! It frames the picture very well, and the girl is well done too. Nice use of monotones as well!

mermalior's picture

Thank you! If my english would be better, I'd put something tutorial-kind stuff to Epilogue, a step-by-step thing. Hmmm... I will ask my friend to translate it, and I try to send it to the editors...Smile

mya's picture

Brilliant work, I just can't imagine how you can draw patterns as consistently as that, it's really mind-boggling. The face is really well done, too - the angle and the tremendous subtlety that you've drawn it with. Top stuff!

Art at its best.