False Rose by mermalior

False Rose

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 26, 2003
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Pencil work (with acrylics). Everything is own design - both the knotwork and face. After the draw phase I composed them with PS.

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mermalior's picture

Thank you Ronin man:))) If you need a pink warrior just call me! Lol, I can image you in killing spree Wink

mermalior's picture

Thank your comment Kurtis! One of my fave themes are the eyes! Some of my friends call me 'eye-man', because I drew many eyes (during traveling, in school, in my workplace etc.). I have hundred eye sketches:) Otherwise I'm glad you like my works. I like yours too. Especially your "tentatio" work.

samael's picture

Intrincate... truly fascinating desing... I could stare at it for hours, and congratulations, you are one of the few artists capable of using pink without making me foam and go (to the untrained eye) to a killing spree Wink

niveus's picture

I have looked through your whole gallery and I have decided that I love the way you do eyes.....thay are awesome! In this piece especially(I think I might have spelled that wrong.)Anyway wonderfull work.

mermalior's picture

Thank Patrick! Your works is unique too. I have some bookmark on your gallery:)

mermalior's picture

I like your 'Dawn' pic! Your style is cool on that pic. Bold contours and clean lines... Thank your comment Nina:)

megaflow's picture

Quite a breathtaking combination of realism and design. Each part helps the other. Well done!

miyucamui's picture

preeeeeeeeeetty good!!!

mermalior's picture

Hey:) Thank you Sof!

somk's picture

And Fitzpatrick has been sent back to oblivion.. Now we have Laci ! Laughing out loud You should be irish.

mermalior's picture

Thank you Marley...

thrax-1's picture

that is simply stunning liptak.a very beautifull image.

mermalior's picture

Thank your compliment Terry! As I said I've got many inspirations from your art. I'm glad you like this pic!

frodo's picture

Lovely work Liptak...you always have a pro`s finish on your artwork...how about a battle sean with some of your wonderful celtic pattern work around it...

mermalior's picture

Thank you Tom, you have great works too:)

portalrun's picture

Great work Liptak, on the character and the Design...

mermalior's picture

This IS NOT a digital stuff. Everything what you see made by hands. Only the composing has some PS elements - I made the knotwork to a separate paper and the face to separate paper. And then I mixed them to 1 pic. There no PS effects, smooth or corrects. The whole pic made by traditional mediums as pencil and acrylics. Believe me Sean, this is not digital stuff. Go to L.B.'s pages if you want to see digital work, she is a master in that style. Thank your compliment:))

pageaxe's picture

i dont know anything about the digital stuff but this is quite stunning,very nice-great work

mermalior's picture

I think I'll get never such honour:)) But I don't mind:)))

mermalior's picture

thank you!Smile))))))

mermalior's picture

thank you! Many people asked me: "You did that knotwork too? or that is from reference?" No. I designed and made the whole pic. I adore ornamental designs.

mccracken's picture

I would have given this an editor's pick!

Guest's picture

Lovely work. Very realistic. I love the way her hair seems to fade into the knotwork. Very delicate.

Guest's picture

I love the knotwork. It is superb. And the face is very realistic and very pretty. Her eyes are wonderful and I like the tatoos on her face. Keep up the good drawings!!!

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