Linda Bergkvist by mermalior

Linda Bergkvist

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 30, 2003
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Faces. Or masks? People are different. Life is polarity. There is Steph Law on one side, and Linda on the other. I have to confess: they both inspire, only for different reasons... Anyway this is ONLY a picture. And I hope you like it! --- You can find the photo reference here:

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yrindale's picture

Can't believe I didn't see this sooner, tells ya how much I'm with it. You captured Linda's face masterfully, she looks so enchanting here (as we've found to be custom with Linda). Very impressive!

mermalior's picture

I'm glad you like it!

goddessart's picture

Wow Liptak! So beautiful! Exceptional pencil work!

mermalior's picture

Thank you Chris!

gyst-hyu's picture

This is great. When you meet eyes with her its like being punched in the stomache. So much power you are able to convey in your work!!!

mermalior's picture

Thank you very much Marley, and believe me: there are no bad vibes:)

thrax-1's picture

Fantastic work,truly amazing tonality for the face.About that 666 comment posted here,I don't feel this has bad vibes,perhaps the tattoo is evil?I don't know such things,ignorance is bliss ^^.Again fantastic art liptak.

mermalior's picture

Hey Jessica! Thank you so much! I really love your art, and I have to confess: many of your pics gave me inspiration. For example your 'Northern Wind' pic, what is a similar play with hair, and your 'The Lady Of Shalott' (my new discovery), what is a technical feat in composition and medium. You are great, and I appreciate your comment! I'm working on a roleplaying rule-book (I make illustrations) so I don't know when will I update my Epi gallery, but I'm sure I'll make similar portrait pics, because it is fun:) Thank your visit, and good luck!

Guest's picture

OOps! I missed this while I was gone--so glad to see you posting more of your lovely art! Beautiful combination of linework and shading--such a simple piece to convey so much emotion. More please Smile

mermalior's picture

Thank your comment and advise, but I'm walking in my shoes. I'm not in frenzy, just I have an opinion. An opinion about fan armies, art god/godess mentality, and similar things. If an artist can't stand the critics - the honest critics! then why did she/he put up his/her art? And it is all about the art, not about emotions. But this is only my opinion. My gallery is about the art, unnecessary to engage in this "hate or not" theme, if you disagree, that's your choice. I prefer comments what is about the art, I'm sure you have your position on "artist-behavior" theme, but I think the forums are better place for your "Guy, you are probably crazy, if you hurt my idol" sentences. So forget the reasons, keep the result, and try to enjoy this picture as it is, a portrait... I don't want a flame here! Thanks.

Guest's picture

Amazing art, as usual, but I cannot believe that even you surrendered to the Berkqvist-Butt-Kissing-Frenzy. Goodbye to the last voice of sanity in the wilderness...

mermalior's picture

6 months... Yes I had many things to do. I hope I can submit some new pics soon...

mermalior's picture

Thank you Scott! Your gallery is great! I like your pen and ink works, they are very nice!

chutap's picture

i visited your page because i want to send you an email so i want to get your email address, and now i look at this picture again i realised that this is the firsst picture you submit in SIX months!!!!

damn, how was i able to forget?

blobsticks's picture

You are a genius Liptak!
Great dtuff mate, and thanks for posting in my gallery Smile

mermalior's picture

... Wink

chutap's picture

don't we all love her Laughing out loud!

mermalior's picture

A Linda fan? Heh, ok:) Thnx

Guest's picture

I love it, expecially the ribbon-like quality of the hair. I'm a frequent visitor to Linda's site ( and thus a fan of her art ) and I think I've come across the pic you used. Very good, just the same...

mermalior's picture

Where can I see your Linda version?

darksarcasm8's picture

Neat I just did a Linda as well... although it probably doesnt look like her.. heh.. Great job on this!

griffingirl's picture

I just love the pierced brow....loverly, indeed!

mermalior's picture

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Guest's picture

I'm no stranger to obsession, Liptak... This is amazing, as always.

mermalior's picture

I don't know what you want to say with that "obsession":) *innocent* I'm glad you like it! Thank you Sof Wink

somk's picture

Some might say without being experts that this may look a tad absessive, doesn't it ? Laughing out loud LOL
But it's a splendid pict conveying a lot of emotions.. I love it as it is !

mermalior's picture

Thank you Meredith! Your hairs are great too! I hope I can make something cool collab pic with you!

kyrn's picture

i love how you drew the hair! beautiful!

mermalior's picture

Evil incarnate? You said Wink

enayla's picture

Hahah, you still think I'm evil incarnate? :] Very lovely picture, though - I'm flattered.

Art at its best.