The Hunter by jeshannon

The Hunter

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Added: Jul 01, 2001
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Guest's picture

wow. That fur and metal looks so real. Excellent technique

mrluisdiaz's picture

Although this particular piece is not as colorful as the other ones I saw in your gallery, I do think you have a great sense of lighting and coloration. This piece is beautiful by the way.

kyri's picture

Wow, this is fantastic. Excellent attention to detail.I love the colours and mood. Great work!

caitmf1's picture

what i really admire by your work is that ur new to art but uve got such a good visual eye for colour and contrast.

jeshannon's picture

Hey thanks Steve..I'm stunned by your Art and your skill, so any comments from you are very much appreciated..Thankyou so much.

sferris's picture

Again very good! Great beasts. Very "Brian Froud like"! Nice!

jeshannon's picture

Thanks alot Bill for the advice and comments...I find I am learning something new everyday..also thanks for the mermaid pic I have removed this piece as it was older and I believe not worthy of this gallery.

Guest's picture

This one is beautiful and congrats on it. As far as adding any detail as per Jean's comment, I think maybe only where his feet hits the water. Stay away from corners with detail. Great Piece!

kethorin's picture

*stuttering* Um... My husband says he's willing to get rid of the bats, knives and axes if you would share your talent... *laughing* Seriously John, I am still a big fan of your work and this piece is nothing short of amazing. You are still so very inspiring.

jeshannon's picture

Thanks alot Katy very much appreciated.

k-t-roo's picture

yur backgrounds are amasing john, and i just love that armour. youve got great work.

jeshannon's picture

Hi Mart good to see you again my friend..I drew the face first from poser figure, then I worked down drawing each piece of the armour.

midnight121's picture

If anyone needs the critiques it's As I've told you before and now I will say it again...Spectacular!!!
Ok, now I want to know one thing...did you use poser for the fighter character and then add the detail to the face??? The reason I asked is simply this...It certainly doesnt look like poser in this one !!! again I applaud you... my hero !!! M121

jeshannon's picture

Thankyou Jean-Pierre for your comments and suggestions, without comments like yours I would find it impossible to improve.

vengince's picture

As usual John your colors are outstanding..the detail is great. My only critique would be I would add a little more solidity and detail to the foreground it a little from the middleground and the creatures. Overall very original and well done.

jeshannon's picture

Thanks alot mark for your comments, much appreciated

lockett's picture

I agree with all the comments so far, this just shouts quality. Greay painting John, like those creatures too.

jeshannon's picture

Thanks Yifat for your great comments, always nice to know your doing something right.

yifat's picture

amazing, the coloring is incredible... I love this drawing...

jeshannon's picture

Thanks Kay, I've got to admit I love drawing trees especially since there aren't that many here in malta.

Guest's picture

I love the feel to this. Your colors are superb and so real. I can almost hear the crickets...well I don't suppose that you would with those creatures in the are wonderful by the way. Armor is perfect and the trees. I like your trees.

jeshannon's picture

Thanks Yeech...its not as good as I wanted but I learned so much drawing this one, thanks for your imput, always much appreciated.

yeechi's picture

Mm, seconded. That shimmery effect is very nice. I like the soft blend of all the misty colors. Wonderful detail on that shield.

jeshannon's picture

Thanks Dean always nice to get comments from great Artists like yourself..As for the colour scheme use as many overlapping layers as possible and experiment with different blending modes.

sdeanbloom's picture

Beautiful as always, John! Please, you've gotta tell me how you do that rainbow-like color scheme under all your paintings.

Art at its best.