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Added: Mar 09, 2002
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Cover Illustration for Mystic Eye Games

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jeshannon's picture

Hey Cheers Walt !! great comment comming from you, you've got fantastic work yourself !!! thankyou

baylessiii's picture

BEAUTIFUL!!! I've seen your work before, on another site I think, and it is always brimming with such vibrant color and compositions! Great stuff from start to finish!

jeshannon's picture

Thanks again Jessie, your turning into my best friend here with all these nice comments, I have never actually submitted to any companys yet, so when someone asks me to do some work for them I jump at the chance, and working for Doug at Mystic Eye Games was a real bonus !!

Guest's picture

This WOW might be the permanent subject heading on any message I leave on your work. I can say in all honesty you are a real inspiration to me... I haven't been drawing that long either, less time than you, and to see you doing such incredible work, and no less for Mystic Games... well... Your use of colour is mindblowing. Your work is exquisite.

Guest's picture

Hah! Recycling our old pics are we? Just kidding John Tongue As a standalone ilustration I wouldn`t like this all too much, it`s too organized and balanced for my taste. But as a cover (and I know how amazing your works look as covers, saw it on the Mystic Eye website) this pretty damn good. Too bad those heads are so small here, they are real masterpieces, every single one of 'em. Just one thing, I think the girl`s clothing looks rather flat, it needs more defined folds. Even if this is a precious and expensive blabla silk cloth you shaded it to death, same goes for her hair. Too soft, some roughness here and there would enhance the depth effect. Two well placed strokes can give you more depth and a more professional look than endless blending mouse clicks. If everyhting was as perfect as the ghoust`s hands, I would shut up and jump out of the window, cause there wouldn`t be anything to complain about anymore!

Guest's picture

she looks just like goldie hawn. great dress. gorgeous colors, as usual. the irisdescent glow is effective.

vengince's picture

Nice illustration John..your improvement is obvious I like it. The anatomy is pretty damn good and the composition strong. Color is real nice..keep it my man.

jeshannon's picture

Goldie Hawn ?? lol. I never actually use reference, but what a bonus if I could get Goldie Hawn to model for me !!

frodo's picture

Nice work John! ....I like the way you have the wizard, comming to life from the card...when can we see the lotr pic your working.. on?

jeshannon's picture

Cheers Jhoneil !! any comment from you is a real compliment !!

fegan's picture

What program did you use!!!!!GRAAAAAHHHHH!!! I'm gonna burst some fire right on your face!!!You're really great professional digital illustrator!!!!!!!

jhoneil's picture

hey John! Great work again - Mystic Eye is so lucky to have you working for them.

Guest's picture

Very cool with great color scheme.

enayla's picture

Ah, I need to comment on this =] I love the magic in this. You can really feel it, which is very unusual for any kind of picture. Great work, indeed =)

jeshannon's picture

Thanks all !! Yep I modelled the hands, well one hand then I took it apart and applied a wave filter to the fingers, then just rebuilt them back in Photoshop. Was quite chuffed with them actually ..lol

megaflow's picture

John - your flair for engaging composition is unbelievable! Great colors, too (as usual... *sigh*). Mark is right - those hands really POP realistically - did you use a modeler, or did you just (pun coming...) "hand" render them? Either way, really nice stuff.

lockett's picture

Great piece John, very well rendered too. It may be me but those hands (Deaths) almost look real? Any how, top job mate.

Guest's picture

Brilliant John!

I really love the stars and the color of the background.
And the expression on her face is very mystical and soothing!

Art at its best.