The Harvesters by jeshannon

The Harvesters

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 04, 2002
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Illustration for Misguidedgames and there new "Children of the Sun" ("

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Guest's picture

i like your work very much. it gives me a "Magic - the gathering" fantasy type feeling. keep up the good work

mangalore's picture

Pretty cool! Smile

Great picture though I'd like to know what the heck are they?

jeshannon's picture

Cheers Michael

oo2311's picture

friggin awesome.

Guest's picture

oh my


isenho's picture

the design of the harvester is really scary and good. LOVELY colors. really beautiful

winonanelson's picture

Those things are seriously terrifying. Beautiful detail and color...

Guest's picture

Whoa! definatly jumps out at you!
kinda freaky, good thing to post on your door on halloween, heh.
well done, looks quite real!

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I'm speachless... no really.

frodo's picture

Great work! John, your work only gets better...

lockett's picture

Wow! This is spectacular, really nasty looking machines, fantastic light and colour. Top quality John.

blobsticks's picture

JEEZ John, this is sheers class mate!
Master piece indeed... gaddamn i wanna shoot you!
lol Wink

megaflow's picture

Spectacular work on all levels! What a creature - you keep getting better! The foreground elements have all the texture and richness of an oil painting - just wonderful stuff.

Guest's picture

What a horrifying and truly fascinating monster design, like something out of a nightmare. The colors and details are incredible.

jeshannon's picture

Thanks so much James, great compliment comming from an artist of your skill !!! you've made my day !!

jeshannon's picture

Thankyou Kay, and cheers for commenting on my "Exploding bag of Skittles Colors"

jeshannon's picture

Thanks Adrian !! I do look forward to your crits, I'm proud of this one, its going to be the back cover for Misguided games new book, alot of people comment that my stuff looks 3D but its all done in Photoshop with my good old mouse, cheers pal !!

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Well well much as I`d like to hack around on you and batter this piece in compliance with your wishes (since you constantly ask for the slap Tongue ) ...I can`t! Not this time anyway, and if this is the new John quality then it`s gonna be a hard time for crits. A major improvement compared to pics like Lady Lilly or Blight Magic, both being great artworks but never in the same category as this one. What has changed? Well, as for the artificial look I pointed out earlier on, that is still there...your objects very often look a bit like sprites in computer games. 3D renderings converted to bitmap and then being sticked onto the backgrounds like templates, never really merging with whatever is around them. Now here, if I examine the single parts they are still made in the same way, but the entire thing is one mighty example of consistency. You kept true to your unique style but pulled it off within a new class of depth and impact. The design of the harvesters is top notch. Arcane and barbaric, primitive looking but yet cleverly thought out, in one word just cool. And I love the hues in this picture, all those reds and greens and yellows are mind-boggling, the sky is a real beauty but let`s not forget the grass! Excellent job on the vegetation, I simply love how the trees fade into the mist. And those dynamic leaves and crows flying around, they add a lot of drama without giving a too cluttered appearance to your picture. All in all I`d hang this over my bed any time, your best work so far John...eyes wide open, mouth deep shut!!

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Oh John...I agree with James...gulp! this is so great. I could get lost in that sky. Colors details....truely a masterpiece.

naddy's picture

This piece is outstanding John! The autumn colors, detail, composition & the powerful imagery are mind blowing. Keep creating your incredible work! AWESOME!!!

Art at its best.