The Morning Watch by jeshannon

The Morning Watch

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Added: Jan 05, 2003
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What can I say ?? its a Tree !!

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rita's picture

John, this is wonderful- how the sun is just shining through the mist. GREAT

varian's picture

No, it's so much more than a tree. The lighting is drinkable, and I love the foliage.

jeshannon's picture

Thankyou very much Susan !!

Guest's picture

I have been surfing for art and your pictures are beautiful! Your colors are like none I`ve ever seen Keep up the good work

Guest's picture

A long time ago you gave me permission for using your art for my homepage. I just take a look again love this's so beautiful....I love trees, because my wessite called "My tree of life".....may I use it please? Let me know okay? Send me your answer....
take a look at my site if you feel the need......

greetings from Holland

blobsticks's picture

Beautiful mate! You've got class

jeshannon's picture

Thankyou marley Smile

thrax-1's picture

this is simply beautifull John.gosh thats some beautifull art.i thouight she was a part of the tree.the lighting is amazing also!

Guest's picture

hey john!! lovely new pic, the tree is lovely and so is the mist, but i like the grass best. i love the concentration on the face of the woman. im glad youve got a new pic up. ill have to get some of my new pics up sometime. anyway, love the pic, and i miss epilogue!

jeshannon's picture

Thankyou very much Steve, I am having fun but also am trying to push myself all the time which is hard and frustrating at times, its comments from Great Artists like yourself that keep me going, cheers pal

sferris's picture

Ingrid and Marilyn's comments say much and your progress here is remarkable to say the least. The "Magic" people see here is "Self Taught". Bravo John
P.S. You're having to much damn fun.

Guest's picture

I love the way she's absorbed by the nature surrounding her. It's obvious that she lives her life between trees like these.
Love it.

jeshannon's picture

Thankyou Marilyn and Stan/Laura great comments from you all, means alot to me

blueunicorn's picture

I don't know how you can say it's just a tree. It's certainly more than that! There's an air of mystery and enchantment about her against that backdrop of ethereal light. Every curve and lift of the branches speaks volumes. And the delicate touch of the flowers entwined about the roots is magical. A wonderful piece!

Guest's picture

Tree! I love this tree.. it's got it's own personality.

swisnie's picture

John, great work as always. Your name is one of a small group I look for when the new daily thumbnails come out. The colors are exceptional.

jeshannon's picture

Thanks James !! great comment comming from the likes of you, tell you the truth i'm not happy with this pic, I just got lost in it, learnt a hell of alot though whilst getting lost.

naddy's picture

DAMN! This guy's good! You're a true talent Mr. Shannon.

josie's picture

mmmm, beautiful! *claps*

jeshannon's picture

Thanks Chris, I might do a Tutorial on trees later, heres a close up ""

jeshannon's picture

Thanks Terry, this actually was just supposed to be a background pic I just added a kind of half figure to it. My Figures do suck I know but I refuse to use any Photos in my work, I just consider it cheating.

christar's picture

The tree is awesome.
Your colors are fantastic as always.
Do you have anyu tutorials on your technique?

frodo's picture

Lovely mood you have capture there John...the subtle lighting and colour, has a sort of organic feel to your picture..just one little suggestion..maybe try combining a little photo reference on the figure...

Art at its best.