bored jester by caitmf1

bored jester

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Added: Jun 25, 2001
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the king was so bored by his jester he decided to pour his beer over his head. i added abit more darkness to the pic as i felt there was too much distracting detail in it.

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I wonder how many times the jester has endured this... a king too lazy to get himself a new source of amusement... Lovely details, the characters make in interesting progression to look through.

caitmf1's picture

its abit differnt and doesnt fit in any category but it was fun doing the detail work anways though its not mega deatailed in anyway,i used to adda lot more comedy in my paintings and i wanted to do a stupid paintnig for a change.

caitmf1's picture

thanks katy, its not mine but its more of a fairy tale type pic with a king, sometning ive never done before.

k-t-roo's picture

i love this one, so much detail, it is just so wonderful i think it is my favorate picture youve done so far.

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This is fantastic!When Iam get older I wish Iam so good like you.

caitmf1's picture

hehehe, senses a note of irony here. ur thirty,, im two hundred huh, thanks for the copmliment anyway,u whipper love to use the computer as u do, but than i dont like the machines at all.

sdeanbloom's picture

You are my favorite artist here at Epilogue, Christiaan! I wanna paint like you when i grow up.

caitmf1's picture

erg. how does this mesage board work if i want to replace my last mesage, anyway i think ur right about the last paintng, but the background on this one is gold, so it will have a yellow aura about it, but the light source on it is a white,, like on the kings face and the kings boot armour, but i did go back and add a bit more white to it., and will upload it when i finally scan it in properly, thanks for the advice again.

caitmf1's picture

thikn u were right about the last painting, but in this one i didnt use yellow as a glaze at all, the yellow is in the gold, the light source is white., i supo;se it looks yellow cause of all the decoration, the gold decoration, but if u look at their faces and at the kings boots, the highlights are white, not yellow.

caitmf1's picture

tanks linda, im tring to go for a more detailed and contrastier paiting.

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cheers rafal, worked my ass of on this one.

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hi steffi, i used to really want to put out like two paintingts a week , but after really joining elfwood which is unfortunlately shut now cause of some idiots, i realised that i wasnt the only non pro artist out there trying to get int he buisness, slaving away at home , so now quality and portfolio peices are more important than showing the world i can do a painting in two days. so id say im back in the swing of thigns, if not somewhat slower.

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haha! They both look so incredibly bored. This image is great Christiaan. Worth the wait. So are you back in the painting mode finally? All the gold details in the background really add to this.

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I don`t know how many times I`ve already said this but this is now really my favorite work of yours! Guess it will always remain a mystery to me how one can produce such detailed pictures (now don`t deny it again, this IS detailed basta Laughing out loud ) in such short amounts of time. You can be really proud of yourself to be both highly talented and painstakingly enduring. Well it`s another possibility that your indicated age of 200 is indead true and that you (or a ghost poster) is serving us your lifetime work in little bits on a silver plate... Shock
Or you`re just a genius, that`s the other possibility.
My favorite part of this picture here is the jester`s face. It shows perfectly how annoyed he is of the king`s stupid taste of humor, and how difficult it is for him to be funny on command. Once you`re run out of preset jokes things can get pretty complicated, after all I heard that jesters got beheaded if the kings got bored of them. And this king here looks truly bored....
I only have one point of criticism here, it`s something I`ve told you before already ('Mount Doom' for example) Your use of yellow as a secondary light source is often a little bit too bold in my opinion, and diminuishes the depth effect.

enayla's picture

argh, gorgeous image, Christiaan. I seriously don't know what else to say - I'm stunned!

mcf's picture

incredible work - all that detail.. I think the faces of both the jester and the king are the best - very nicely rendered, and the expressions are fabulous!

Art at its best.