Helm's Deep by caitmf1

Helm's Deep

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Added: Aug 17, 2001
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my version of helms deep, before the film comes out and its amazing imagery corrupts us all.

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first of all amazing work you make.
i have a question can you draw a picture
for me i want got a tattoo on my back.
with a dungeon with windows and al the windows are standing demons in it .
it looks like a church but with al lot of demon in it . it has to look wery creepy .
my email is : mm.pul@quicknet.nl
i hope to hear from you

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I love the detail and hard work!!!!!!!!!

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For me, it`s a lot better then the movie version

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I love this pic, however, there are only a few faults i would like to say (i usually like people to critisize my work so i can learn what i need to improve on)

1)the uruks look kind of like monkeys...but they are still very well painted and detailed.

2)with all the great quality in this painting, it seems as though you just rushed through the mountains.

probably my favorite part of this painting is the way you made helms deep/the statues. i also like the depth in the ram going up the ramp to helms deep's gate.

the only thing you are missing are the ladders =)

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hi christiaan - could anyone tell me why i never commented on my favourite piece - so here it goes - christiaan, i really don´t know how one can produce such a piece of art, it must have taken ages to finish it - this is more than excellent, and i don´t have the words to describe what i feel when i look at it - just, thank you so much for creating such an outstanding piece of fantasy art - if you have prints of it to sell, pleeeeeze let me know - i want one!!!!!!! again - thanks for creating this masterpiece!

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Wow yet another awesome painting; keep up the good work mate

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it was all painted by hand; thanks for the comment

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May i just ask did you paint it only for hand or did you use the comp.

It looks so darn good Laughing out loud

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wow, this really is great. I think you put a better view on helms deep than in the movie. you make it so massive. Congrats, fully!

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This is beautiful. Just as I imagined it while reading. Really, the films did a good job portraying the fortress, but your image shows the splendor of Helm's Deep, of the coming of the orcs and how they fought with Theoden and his men.

The statues and carvings on the arcs are beautiful. So intricate, yet vague, but showing the beauty of the Rohirrim's workmanship and art.

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I'm awed by the details and the colors... A pity the picture on this site is so small; there's just so much to look at!

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I am very impressed. The blue mountain range, the colors.... very beautiful. I love how there is a fireball flying through the night sky.

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I actually think it looks better than the one in the movie.

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you have an awesome sense of scale,i love how helms deep is so beautifully detailed.fantastic.

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wow, you made Helm's deep look more grand! AWSOME background. i am in utter awe...

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Do you sell your art work, I would love to have that on my wall

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Amazing...very well done. I have always thought of it as just a plain huge wall but the way you painted it is much better and more creative. Well done. How did youdo it? Just amazing.

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Holy cow!!!! What detail!!!! You'll be my next favorite fantasy artist!!!!!

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*is awe-struck* Um...i have no words to say about this that have not probably been said before...
*sobs* so good...just amazing...you captured the scene perfectly! Laughing out loud

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there is on elfwood or on my home page, and ya i hate resizing too.

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A1 huh? Lots of patience you have... Mmmm. There sure is a lot of warriors there Cool Kinda reminds me of quake III somehow. Yep, I don't like the way epilogue resizes the pictures so small 8( Is there a bigger and more detailed version available anywhere?

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cheers ,this was my first lord of the rings picture. actually was going to do some more cyberpunk images but i liked doing it so much i decided to make a calender.

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Truly impressive Christiaan, absolutely wonderful detail and atmosphere to it, I do believe this is one of my favorite pieces by you, keep up the good work mein freund.

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thanks christy, seeing how i seem to be slowing down, im amased i managed to paint this in a week, i seem to have more trouble these days will less detailed peices as detail has never beeen aproblem for me, where as getting the whole painting to work as one has.

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comming from u thats a pretty nice compliment. jean pierre targete. see i got ur name right.

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This is fantastic, your patiece at depicting so much fine detail really paid off, it truly is a very rich and beautiful painting.

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Chris all I can say man ...wicked piece..amazing work.

Art at its best.