Helm's Deep by caitmf1

Helm's Deep

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Added: Aug 16, 2001
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my version of helms deep, before the film comes out and its amazing imagery corrupts us all.

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thanks, i think linda.

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u cant see all the detail on this websight because the picture size is too small, but i have a larger size update in my elfwood gallery.

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Waaah! *wail*

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I think that this painting captures a good sense of the viewers emotions... It has a dark side, although the lanterns give the picture a them of light. This picture is of such high detail, which means that you have to look at ALL of the painting.

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thanks dean, this one took me five days to paint from start to finish. and my hand got crapmed cause of the little brush i was using

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You gotta know that i think that this is awesome....Damn! It is really awesome. How long did it take, Christiaan?

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tank marie, ive done a few lord ofthe rings illustrations in my foundation course in art school, but thisi s the latest one,. thers a bigger version going to be updatred in elfwood, size wise but elfwoods down again now.

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thanks, the reason i have lava is becauuse i really wanted a night scene and i really love the contrast of red and blue.

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heheh, oooooookay. ya this picture does suffer cause u cant see any of the small faces in the crowd. its a a1 peice of watercolour paper with the sides trimmed down. i wanted a cinematic painting hence the weird shape, but its larger than my normal newer stuff so more detail.and more crampingin the fingers.

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This is so amazing! I wish I could work as well with traditional media like that...*sigh* I'm holding my breath waiting for the movie. Smile But I don't know; I think you could have illustrated a lovely LotR movie by yourself. ^___^ Excellent painting, I'd love to see a bigger version of this one.

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Very nice, a lot of detail, I like your sense of light

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*lol* I know what you mean with "before the film comes out and its amazing imagery corrupts us all"...a friend of mine is so much in fear that he decided to illustrate the entire Lord of the Rings saga, well I doubt such an enterprise can be achieved before the movie release...
Anyhow, I don`t think your imagination will suffer from the movies, on the contrary it`s your personal interpretation and imagination which is strong enough to influence others I think! Once more you strike us with amazing detail, and unlike some people who can be glad the small image size conceals a bit of their crapiness (but yammer about loosing detail the loudest pretty often Laughing out loud) your artworks really suffer from the 550 pixel restriction. I can`t wait to see the highres version of this masterpiece! Is this on A2 btw?

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thanks katy, elfwood will let me upload a larger version of this, where u can really see more of the figures which kind of look like blobs in this.

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thank you maria, its just a shame that epiluge doesnt submit the artwork on a larger scale, its hard to see anyting in these scans.

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chris how do you do it? all those little figures, it must have taken ages. i wish i could paint like you can.great work as usual

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really amazing...

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Very nice.

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Amazing work! The amount of details, my word, I am enormously impressed! What a beautiful artwork Smile.

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thanks samuel, unfortunately u cant see the picture properly cause its too small, ill add a detailed version of this pic i guess.

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Holy crap from hell! Im drooling! impressive/massive detail! outstanding work Christiaan!

Art at its best.