Nazgul King by caitmf1

Nazgul King

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Added: Sep 27, 2001
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flicking through some tolkien books, i discovered that no one that i konw of has illustrated the actual attack of the nazgul king, just the aftermath of merry and eowyn attacking the nazgul king himself whist the king is under his horse snowmain. I originally intended to paint this image as a large battle scene but decided to just concentrate on the nazgul king and king theodin and as it turned out im happy i did so. One more thing, nazguls are large birds,. and im well aware that birds have no arms, but this is artistic liscense and i just dont like drawing dragony creatures without arms as arms are such a expressive feature.

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thanks martin,.im kinda pleased with it,. since i dont do alot of action pics.

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anton and mark, get back to college work.

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ya, i cant wait, im dressing up as ghimli for the premier.

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Yesss! This is the old Christiaan! I loved your works in Elfwood, because the most picture were living. Some of your picture here, in Epilogue was too static, but I think your strong is in the stirring scenes. This pic is fantastic, and great in the colors too... I think it is the really Chris! I like this pic.

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Outstanding Chris, just wonderful, the details and colours are fantastic, very well done !!

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i love it, the nazgul is perfect. snowmane is beautiful, and the lighting is amazing. another masterpiece

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Excellent job Christiaan! Great detail, lighting, great painting...

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This painting is amazing!! This looks like something that has just been published in a Tolkien book! The detail is fantastic, If I was a publisher of tolkien books, I wouldn't think twice about publishing your work!!

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Very nice work. I've been watching the movie trailers and getting a little anxious to see Fellowship when its released in December. I love your Tolkien work and I’m glad it’s around to keep the appetite strong, so to speak.

Art at its best.