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Added: Nov 12, 2001
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just wanted to paint bilbo and frodo hugging, not nessasariy where they first meet up but i wanted them to be in a large room to kind of show their scale, especially at frodo at his upcomming quest.

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snow-wolf's picture

Bravo! oh wow.... I had worked in a library for 2 years so I know how to appreciate the difficulty that this picture must have given you. I love how you got the lighting on the binding of the books.

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I'm speechless. I think this is...I'm speechless. This is so wonderful, I'd like to make a request. (If you'll look around on this site, you'll see I request
alot!) Do you have a "portrait" of Frodo, Sam, or Gandalf? I would love to see one!!! Your paintings are mind-blowing, and I need a portrait of one of those three characters. If you're not a "paint to order" artist, forget I said anything, but if you can do it, I love you!!!!!! These pictures are incredible!!!! I would love to see your portraits, if you can do them!! Forgive the selfishness, please. *aaahh* I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is so wonderful words cannot express what i am feeling towards that art.
Chris you are a talented artist, patientce is not my key, you must have loads of patience to draw something wonderful as this.


archangil's picture

I'm enjoyed by the lot of detail in your works. This piece lives especially from the depth of its perspective.

caitmf1's picture

cheers christine,my favourite part are the figures, the rest is just window dressing.

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As always, Christiaan, your artwork astounds me. The use of color and the subject matter is magnificent. You are an inspiration! I just love the fountain, the statue and the rays of light streaming in through the windows.

caitmf1's picture

cheers steve, comming from someone like u thats a compliment.thoguth right now serouly doubting my colouring abilities,. dont ask.

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Hello, sir. What to I say about an artist who's probably already heard every comment there is to say? I, like everyone else, thinks you're a credit to the craft. You're skills are something fierce. I'm jealous.

caitmf1's picture

my patient is doing fine , thanks for asking john.p

jeshannon's picture

Outstanding work Chris, I'm totally blown away by your skill and the patient it must take to create something like this

Art at its best.