Party at Bagend by caitmf1

Party at Bagend

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Added: Nov 12, 2001
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wanted to do a few more images from the hobbit, i dont think bilbo looks all that happy in this painting. had a great amount of fun with this one but drawing all those drawfs was a headache. the 13 th dwarf is in the toilet.

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aldebaran's picture

..Bilbo doesn't look pleased in the least does he?? Well who would, having to entertain thirteen dwarves and a wizard with no notice?? *grins* I really like how Bilbo looks here, and also the dwarves..They seem to be having a good time at least!

Guest's picture

This is the best bit of work so far, chris, they faces are so real and the food look so real.
It looks so soft but yet at the same time so strong.
I love it Laughing out loud

caitmf1's picture

well, u can do it with a airbrush, but i do it with a tecnhique called glazing, which is load up ur brush with alot of water and little paint and use it like very looose watercolour.

vuollet's picture

Oh Cool Looks great. The smoke from the pipes and all looks great... It has always been a mystery for me how to do it... Any tips you could give me? Cool

caitmf1's picture

im a crap drafts man but thanks anwyays really like to go and do a anatomy course, or just draw nude models, something i want to actually start in my town, just a class for nude drawing, no teachers, just for everyone who is interested, even found myself a model who will do it .

jeshannon's picture

Well Chris if I could draw like that, I would be proud to call myself an artist, your detail and attention is a great inspiration to me

caitmf1's picture

cheers guest, one of my favourite new paitnigs, but it did take alot of time to do this one.

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The detail in this image is fantastic... It feels really real, the table has candles and plates... this brings the painting to life!

Art at its best.