The Dark Riders by caitmf1

The Dark Riders

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 15, 2001
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ive totally redone this painting, giving it a different colour and also ive redone the horses, both real and waterhorses because the anatomy was rather bad. so here it is,, elronds river about to crash on those poor old dark riders.

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jeshannon's picture

Fantastic picture Chris !! the detail colors and the sharpness of it all, well done.

caitmf1's picture

cheers anneke, im just having ag reat time illustrating tolkiens work, i had wanted to do pencil drawings a year ago of his world but coudnt get the desighns quite right, im glad that on the most part my idea of middle earth is comming across in my work.though ofcourse the mind is much more lavish than what i can currently do.

caitmf1's picture

cheers mark, hope that u can come and show me some of the stuff ur donig shortly and wow me.

caitmf1's picture

which horse?water or dark riders horse?

caitmf1's picture

cheers, they are invisible,someone commented here but they just rude so i deleted them, u can critisicise but u dont have to be rude about it.. sorry, not talking about u at all marilyn.

blueunicorn's picture

Ohhh! I love this one. The riders and their horses are so spooky. I don't really want to see inside their hoods. You can see they are being overtaken by the white ones on a wave. Great work as usual!

abroenink's picture

I agree with Mark, your artwork is making us speechless, Christiaan. Wonderful picture again! Every new piece you make is a surprise and a delight!

Guest's picture

Beautiful...There are only a certain amount of words that I have in my vocabulary to describe your talent, And i think that i have used them all ten times over... FANTASTIC. I find it really hard to put into words the way your paintings make me feel. They have so much life, meaning and detail. Amazing.... HEY, Just one more to go, then a long break for xmas!

k-t-roo's picture

oooh i lioke this chris, i only have one crit, and that in the wave horse, the 3rd one from the left, its nose is a little thin. unless you meant it like that. i love the black riders though. its fantastic

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