Leaving Rivendell by caitmf1

Leaving Rivendell

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Added: Nov 25, 2001
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I wanted to draw all the characters for the cover of my calender, and I had several ideas of putting the characters infront of some mountains or such, but I really wanted to paint rivendell because I hadnt drawn the whole thing. The figures are quite dark because i really wanted them to kind of act as a boarder around rivendell instead of the focus being on the characters.

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Exilent this is grate man!!!

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It's really amazing! Great work! I love Imladris! xxxAranelxxx

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my precious.... ah..

lol. nice work!
looks like a holiday resort though.
those huge trees in the background are growing on steep cliffs?

but i really love this piece, so much intriguing details.

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WOW Christiaan! i bow to you! lol, awsome compisition you have here, it's really beautiful. im a fan of your work really.

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This is an AWSOME pic! i luv LOTR so much, its weird. This is the best pic i've ever seen of Rivendell in paint!Smile

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thankyou o nameless one

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And all I can say is that you have succeded....

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In my current Lord Of The Rings obsession I knew exactly where to come, and sure enough, you don't disappoint! Jaw-dropping detail, this is simply astounding. The only problem is that I wish there was a larger version. Detail seems to get lost when the image is scaled down like this...

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It makes my mouth open for a while.
for a long long long while.

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cheers, its a shame i cant upload a bigger picture of this because the detail is totally lost here on epilouge, and i cnat upload a larger image on my websight either, thanks for the compliments.

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It's really good to see another "Elfwoodite" in Epilogue ! And one of the best at that.I think this pic is my fav in your gallery...So many details ! I love details...There's nothing else I can say...No criticism here...

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actualy i dont really see rivendell as this , it looks more like a big hotel, but ... i dont konw, in my mind its not that important what it looksl ike just that its BIG.

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This is very close to how I pictured rivendell Cool Well at least that forest and trees around it are. Wonderous.

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cheers katy, i think most of us in epilouge are getting beter as we trundle on,

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cheeers john, i think in a while elfwood will have a larger scanned picture of this, than u can see the characters properly.

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cheers miss unicorn, this pic is being uploaded on elfwood, as u asked me, and the size wil be of a higher quialty , or larger than at epilouge so it wil be easier to see all the characters more clearly and see frodo looking at the ring .

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cheers terry, but i love rodney mathews, hes like my favourite artist, thats why i like him, his world is a totally differnt world, ive been caught looking at his books before i go to sleep and having realy vivid dreams.

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damn it chris, you just get better and better, i love this, its so good. the colours are fabulous, and the composition is perfect, wish i could paint like this

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Fantastic chris, I love everything about it, such great colour and detail in all your work..I'm stunned pal.

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I like it very much what you say about the figures being a boarder around the beautiful Rivendell. What a boarder it is! You are able to make them look so real! This is just how I would imagine they stand there, talking about every day's things. (in this case about hunting and fighting of course, because they are all men. LOL) The background is marvellous too. That is a waterfall like it should be drawn! Beautiful, Christiaan!

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Its even better than Rodney Mathews version of it, why because with your picture your in the hear and now, but with Mathews your looking hrough into another world, and theres no people in it to bring it to life..you know me, I say what I think, when it comes to LOTR..in my opinion your best Lord of the Rings picture yet...

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Wow, what a heady compliment Terry, but hehe takes it with a pinch of salt. My favourite picture of Rivendell is by one of my favourite artists of all time Rodney Mathews, pure magic and besides I love his style tranquil style. (everyone , u all like my grammer in this post?)

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Pure magic Chris!, I`ve seen almost all the pictures that have been done of Rivendell, and this has to be the best..brilliant on every count...

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hehhheh, no i had some idiot called mark who was bored paint over the light straw i orignally had,p tahks for ur five minutes worth of underpaitnig, coudnt have done this without u. and i mean that in all sincerity.

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cheers ulrike, this is my favorite peice for the lord of the rings calender ive done, which is strange because usually the peices i put alot of effort into turn out to look like crap.

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thanks linda, wow editors pic, was that ur doing? we miss u at elfwood.

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After all these paintings, you should have a long break!!
This is amazing...
I like the section in the right hand corner, the dark brown and blue background really shows through... did you do that all by yourself?


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just beautiful..

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*goes over*

Art at its best.