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Added: Jun 20, 2001
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Thats awesome its seriously cool. I like the light coming out of the clouds it makes the angel look more powerful

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hey man you got talent i got to say and i was wondering if you could do me a fav but i would prefer to ask you over e-mail and talk some stuff over. i need something drawin but i need something that will fit the seen and i cant draw what i want but you can so i was wonderin so if you'll e-mail me that would be great.

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nice to see some light art,instead of dark art continueosly.its the order of the universe artists work is to bring forth.

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You suck!

Haha, just kidding Tongue I thought I'd stick out of the crowd. You're drawing-skills are shocking and amazingly good.


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you f'n rock. Seriously.

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hey! wonderfull image, I love the glow. the halo is beautifull as well, it kind of reminds me of Joseph Michael Linsner's work, he does halos similar to that. Anyway very wonderfull work, just stunning!

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Without question your talent has both range and variety...I've rarely seen such a sheer cornicopia of possibilities on so many different subjects and remaining consistently good! Do you do requests? ^_^

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Hey Jason Great Art. Love Angels Myself And Was Wondering How You Get your Pics To Look So Great.(crisp clean and sharp). I like the way you make things GLOW! and the secret rays of light that give it that extra kick. please reply.

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Great painting. I love the wings and the reaching hands.

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i mean.. goodness me the wings are amazing, they're such a pure white, brilliantly bright and the claw like hands reaching for him plus dark back ground just contrast it beautifully. I like the way the birds wings are similar to his as well and my my isnt he pretty Wink this is a wonderfull piece of work well done Smile

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I've only seen a few Gallaries even worth looking at, and yours is by far one of the best I've seen. Not only this picture, but all of the ones before it as well. Marvelous pictures.

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I'm not going to belive he DREW that its so good

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My favorite of your gallery so far. I
love the sense of drama you create here.
The hands in the darkness reaching for the light is a nice touch!

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Let it never be said that the young waste their talents. Truly Wondrous...just utterly amazing. I've been browsing through all your art, I would encourage you to keep this up!

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I must say i have looked thro all of your pics and the are all superbed, exelent. u are briliant as an artist

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... That's one amazing archangel ... *shudders a bit, looking at the pic*

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Great! I love the glowing wings, superb work!

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Marvelous! Perfection! the reaching!

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incredibel picyure, very uniqe... the wings are amazing...

Art at its best.