Smoke Break by jae

Smoke Break

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Added: Jun 19, 2001
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I agree with Joseph Toscano in it reminiscing (did I spell that right?) King's Dark Tower. Also, with the way he has his hand cupped it looks more like he is lighting a pipe rather than a cig and that the bowl of the pipe is hidden in his palm.

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Judging his actions, it seems to me that he is lighting a smoke. Yet there is already a trail of smoke in the air, suggesting he couldn't have just started. If he was relighting it if it went out, then the line shouldn't be unbroken.

Other than that, I love the picture, it's great.

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Amazing Picture! I love the way you balance the light and darkness. The guy looks like a farmer but the blood on his scythe suggests somthing more.

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i love the detail of the blood on the scythe!! amazing work all of your art is great!!

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Amazing. For me, it is reminiscent of King's Dark Tower series. Great concept of light.

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Poignant commentary on the tobacco industry there. Smile

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Socar has it pegged. Wonderful balance of light and dark. Love the clouds. What's this guy's job, anyway?

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Excellent image--nice lighting and contrast you've got going there. I particularly like that big, nasty looking scythe, and the natural gesture with which Death (?) is lighting his cigarette.

Art at its best.