Tempest by jae


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Added: Sep 10, 2001
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Jason!!! you seem to have the creativity of a geneous for art, with your art there can be movies, mp3 games, and much more your the micheal jordan of art!!!

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I must admit that i envy every single work that you do..and I'd like to ask you a question. I'm writing a book and i'm planning to make a front cover for it by myself but it isn't working out. I don't know if you also do requests but if you do can you please email me at this adress: Aeleanors@hotmail.com

Btw, the spirit in this piece is absolutely amazing

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.... simply perfect, give you possible 6 out of 6 on this.

Been searching for something like this for a while.

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Yeah I have to agree with Mark Lockett. You have the Heroic stance just perfect. Here and in Knight of the Lance.

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this is best!

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*searching for the words**trying to use the known* the light.. the effects... boahhh!
*better stops and keeps on staring an the pic*

((hardly seen something better painted.. ))

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this is what i love to see, a great big war sceen ready to explode. wow.

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Stunning work Jason, I love the crispness of all your work and your great choice of colours, seeing the quality of your work makes me strive to be as good, very well done !!

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Great lighting and colour here jason, nice feeling of depth too, you really seem to have the 'heroic stance' down to a fine art. Excellent.

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I like every illustration in this gallery!!!!!!!!

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I have to say I just love this one. The colors are beautiful and it has a scenery and depth very few digital paintings have. From the thumbnail I was sure it was an oil picture.

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Very nice Jason

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beautiful picture...

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I am bedazzled! You have a lot of stunning work here, Jason!
There are some notes I might add though: The front figure's head looks a little bit small, the lighting is wrong. The light obviously falls in from the right, but the sun is directly behind; He also seems to hold that sword in a very unnatural way, though, I do not know what he is actually doing right now.

Art at its best.