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Recent comments

Hello! I joined because I went down a rabbit hole to find you work. It's quite beautiful!

Beautifully rendered!

I just came here to this site, and it looks very much like it is for more
advanced artists. Would you say that you are at a professional level?

Feybird commented on In Moonlight:

Love the colors and butterfly theme

Feybird commented on forest break:

As a pro, how much do you get payed per piece usually?

Feybird commented on The astral pyre:

There is something... refreshing about your work. Like a drink of cold water
after a long walk.

Feybird commented on titans grail:

How inspirational! I hope to become as fast as you in the next few years.

Lurkily commented on Lurker:

I remember this guy. In a writing group I'm a part of, they asked if we'd had any artwork made for any of our characters. This is the only one I've commissioned work for, though it wasn't for my writing; at least, not in the...

Shades of H.R. Giger's artwork on Debbie Harry's Kookoo album.

bossings commented on Seascape:

very nice.

flowerewolf commented on Cu Sith:

great transparent effect *___*

Art at its best.