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wonderful! *__*

It is one of my childhood favorites. Is used to read it for her.
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kiransha commented on Bringer of Light:

I have printed this image and hand in the hall. It looks great. We in printing business.
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I absolutely love everything about this. So much texture with the shadows. It gives you a creepy feeling instantly and tells a story- and makes you want to know more about the story.

flowerewolf commented on Path:

Is it really MS Paint.NET? o_O

just Microsoft Paint from windows 7, I really like to draw with textured pencil with it...
Jahary commented on Father, Forgive Me:

Atmospheric and stylish! Very nice %)

Jahary commented on Path:

Is it really MS Paint.NET? o_O

Good job, but his HAIR IS CURLY

Ravenclawius commented on Lumos:

*clap clap*

Beautifully rendered!

I just came here to this site, and it looks very much like it is for more
advanced artists. Would you say that you are at a...

Art at its best.