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Recent comments

stargirl commented on Morpheus - 2:

Love the colors and backgrounds and note to mention he looks epically cool.

stargirl commented on Fairy Tea Party:

Very sweet. Your style for these reminds me of the asian ball jointed dolls that are gorgeous. I love the features.

I like the concept and Usagi's dress. Reminds me of the ball episodes. Smile

waldodessa commented on Hint:

Discovery to come...

Shar commented on Shar Zolond:

I remember when I commissioned this piece.

So long ago, back when I was in my prime and still had my youth. When my ambition was fueled solely by greed and hate. When fear and pain were things I inflicted instead of...

martzoukos commented on Passagen:

Digital painting 35x50, no photo involved, no3d, no filters used etc. The original will go to one buyer. There are tons of texture, dark forms and details. - See more at: http://s73.photobucket.com/user/abbxx/media/Martzoukos-...

misfitcreations commented on demon :

The picture shown doesn't have her matching frame, please see facebook.com/misfitsasylum to see it or purchase this painting.

anneri commented on Galayana:

It's actually an audio adventure, like an old time radio show, but modern. It's from Big Finish, a British site, so pretty much everyone in the story will have a British accent. You can buy either the CD or a download. They...

ess commented on Polushka pole:

OMG finaly i founf it, 6month lookin gto find it,
first of all awsome work for the artist,
secondly is it possible to have it with high resolution pls need to put as wallpaper
PM pls

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