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Recent comments

devilmarquis commented on DNA trees:

Beautiful work

rouncer commented on The Sea Craps:

very bizarre lineage to it.

SurrealP commented on Masque Time Story:

Thank you so much, the support is really appreciated. I do have a thing for masks in my artworks, twins also feature often, perhaps betraying my Gemini side.

Perhaps, but, I like to sell one now n then so I can buy more art supplies!

Thank you! The story line was my clients...I fleshed it out with my own take on it.

Thanks for your comment.

Acsbina1 commented on The Red wizard:

I am a dragon lover and have never seen something as beautiful as this wizard & dragon is together....

ibwebb commented on Dragon Fuel:

Laura this is incredibly gorgeous! I have to ask if there is anyway that you would think of selling this? My mother has collected dragons all her life and is also a coffee addict (must be where I got it. lol). I cannot stop...

jungymeister commented on In the leaves:

cool artwork hello love we talked before

yum yum hmmm ru into luis royo artwork??

Art at its best.