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Recent comments

adiktus commented on Tea Time:

hehe fish tea ^_^

Cool color tone specially for the green ^_^

silveth commented on Deepening:

Nice! One of my favorite series, and not one I see art for very often.

wyrmfed commented on Rush:

Great seascape, I like that first off, I like the subtlety of the clouds too.

I love your work. Would you ever consider creating a version of Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)? I think you'd make an amazing piece. I hope you'll consider it. I'd love to own one.

AlyonaV commented on WILD HORSES 1:

Man, your works are astonishing. Uncovers the very depth of the soul

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wyrmfed commented on Holy Diver:

Good job with the inner glow of the leviathan. The colors and focus create a good sense of depth.
The diver looks buoyant (maybe not for long) and the crucifix tells the story well.
Going to listen to some DIO now...

wyrmfed commented on Be Good:

Good energy and form, that splatter makes it seem a bit ethereal.

wyrmfed commented on Vineyard Fantasy:

The lace of the wings is very delicate, nice autumn colors. I like how the whole flow sort of funnels into that top right corner.

Art at its best.