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Recent comments

So good...

Trudy commented on Soul Retrieval:

What a beautiful picture. Therapy really helps a lot, it helped me.

wyrmfed commented on Rūdāba:

Really cool idea and a convincing edit.

Spooky and surreal, I like how the shadow looks like a spider.
Who is Stephen?

Ooh, very nice how all the elements flow and become each other. Subtle Halloween colors.
Very poetic ;] What was the theme for day 17?

wingsio commented on forest break:

very nice


Hello! I joined because I went down a rabbit hole to find you work. It's quite beautiful!

Beautifully rendered!

I just came here to this site, and it looks very much like it is for more
advanced artists. Would you say that you are at a professional level?

Feybird commented on In Moonlight:

Love the colors and butterfly theme

Feybird commented on forest break:

As a pro, how much do you get payed per piece usually?

Art at its best.