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Recent comments

carlosPhillips commented on hpl1:

creepy and creative.

That quote is stupid...

Voting for the next project ends tomorrow at noon,one with the most votes will be posted that same day,but officially votes will be counted at 12,sharp,on the dot,not a second later,no exceptions,so don't be late,i don't have...

szabo commented on Blue Muse:

thank you for the beauty!

He IS wearing leggings - or rather braies!

Voting for the next project will be extended until 9/7/14 due to a small voting issue-there are none!haha! Don't worry though,i think i know what the issue is,y2k is back,and all...

silasoldo commented on Gaea:

I want to represent mother earth with all her bounty.


I like the head best of all; it shows a lot of personality.

It looks awesome as it is and the grain of the image gives it an even more wicked mood!

Art at its best.