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Let me welcome you to the new Epilogue! I am excited about this new site, and what it means for Epilogue's future. It's been a long time in the making, but it's finally here and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This is the first step in revitalizing the community and the first stage of a larger plan. My goal is what it has always been -- to help artists become more successful!

So, put the new site through its paces by uploading artwork and sketches, commenting on artwork and in the forums, and adding by favorites and liking other artists work.

If you find any bugs, please let us know by posting in the Support and Feature Request forum.

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I absolutely love it just logged in in my account and love the layout and all the new features and the forums looks great too, love there is a sketch gallery now Smile:) i do a lot of sketching would be cool to show them off thank you so much epilogue!

Art at its best.