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Greetings, starfighter

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Joined: 02/02/2000

Since it's my site, I guess I'll start Smile

My name is Chad, and I'm the founder and administrator of Epilogue. I started Epilogue back in 1998/99 (yikes). I'm posting this from my personal account, though you will often see me posting more formally as 'Epilogue'. When I started Epilogue, I would have classified myself as a hobbyist/amateur artist. Since then, I've moved into design and web development. My love for art is still as strong as ever.

During the development of the new site, I came across so much amazing art that I hadn't seen before. It really inspired to finish the project! I hope all of you will have similar experiences.

Anyways, it's great to be back. I hope to see some old friends and meet some new ones!

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Joined: 03/24/2002

It's funny, I've been an Epilogue member for years and years, and I don't think I ever knew what you looked like. Smile

Good work with the new site. The front page is so much more appealing now.

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Joined: 08/15/2002

Hey Chad great job with the new site..Smile

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Joined: 06/07/2013

I like the look of the new sight much better. I hope it is very successful.

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Joined: 06/13/2008

Hi Chad love the new site

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Joined: 11/27/2002

Looks Brilliant, very efficient. love the layout!.

Marley Wink

Art at its best.