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Several problems with site (or, help a noob out!)

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Hello~ I'm a completely new member to Epilogue but I haven't been able to form a proper opinion on the site yet as I can't get things to work. I tried using the contact form but perhaps it'd be more helpful to others if this was made into a forum post instead.

1) Approved artwork not appearing in gallery
On the Manage Artwork page I can see my artwork, the "Remove from gallery" button, the Approve-status and links to edit/delete the artwork. But the image isn't showing up in my gallery (in fact, my gallery is empty!) at all. I've tried hitting Submit again from the Edit page without success. Is my work still in some kind of moderation limbo? Have I not clicked some obvious button/not verified myself as an user? Is it a bug? Has it something to do with the genre (Portrait)?

2) Unable to comment on moderation workflow
This could be working as intended, but I got the impression that it isn't. I submitted another artwork for approval and it got rejected. I edited the artwork and tried just uploading a new file through the Edit page but it didn't update. I waited for a day but it still hadn't updated, so I submitted it anew as a completely new artwork. In the rejection comment I was instructed to just add a note via the Moderation page, but there's nothing in the UI that would enable this. All I see is the system text and the moderation sent to me. It would indeed be smarter if I could just edit the already submitted artwork instead of sending a new one (I get the feeling that this is how it's supposed to be, with the workflow and all) for every edit...

And thirdly, the site is running a little slow. I suspect this is something that will be worked on behind the scenes, but just in case the staff wasn't aware of this.

I'm running Windows 7 and have tried the site on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. And now I feel like the village idiot for this long post. :'D

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Hi Sefie,
Welcome to Epilogue and thank you for posting a detailed account of the issues you are having. That's the only way I know when things aren't working properly!

1) This is fixed and you now have your gallery Smile I introduced a small bug that caused some newer submissions not to show up. Good catch!

2) The moderation note was erroneous, my apologies. This issue is a bit tricky and one that's been in consideration for awhile -- we don't want artwork being added back into the moderation queue every time an artist makes a small edit (to change a description or copyright notice, for example). We also don't want rejected artwork continually re-submitted - which is hard on editors. On the positive side, this situation doesn't happen too often. In this case, your submission had a few small issues that required re-posting. While I consider a fix, just send me a message via my contact form on my profile when you've updated the image file.

Regarding uploading a new image and it not showing - make sure you click the 'Submit' button after you upload a new image, otherwise the form doesn't submit and your changes aren't saved.

3) I agree completely-- the site is running bit slow, especially for logged in users. I am investigating it.

I hope these issues haven't taken away from your experience. There are bound to be growing pains with any new site, but my goal is to provide the best experience I can. I do appreciate your patience and willingness to post.

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Thank you very much for your help, things are working better now. Smile

Regarding the edited artwork-queue thing, would it be possible to add the edited work to the moderation queue only when a new image file is submitted? Meaning that if anything else is edited, the artwork doesn't go to the moderation queue. I don't know if this would work in reality, but at least in theory it sounds possible. Laughing out loud

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Good day! Just don't want to create new topic, the title of this is pretty ok)

Why the "Followed items" page is clean even if I already follow some people?

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