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HIRE a Comic book penciler & Inker that speaks english

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Must speak english & able to speak on cell phone or Skype to work through project.

Hello, I have been a professional artist for over 20 Yrs and am working on a Science fiction Graphic Novel. I need to hire a professional comic book artist (Pencils / Layouts). I will be doing the coloring & need someone who specializes in pencils & inking.

Would need to be able to do a futuristic science fiction version of our world? I have ideas of what several of the things in this world would look like but also need someone to create much more of this world & its organic technology and character designs.

We have the over all story in general have finished the 1st 30 some pages.

This graphic novel must be excellent quality, professional. I plan on putting a lot into this project. It must be impressive quality (Marvel, DC, Image).

How much would you charge for pencils & for both pencil and inks per page?

One of the characters http://brianelau.deviantart.com/art/Azarus-Derek-Stevens-Color-Brian-Lau...

My D.A. brianelau.deviantart.com/

My web site. http:// blauarts.wordpress. com/ (take the 2 spaces out)

If you know someone or think this is you & are interested in putting our talents together to create something amazing please contact me.

Email: brianedl @ yahoo.com (take the 2 spaces out)

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