Carrie is a sketch?

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Was again informed that this piece as everything else I placed her was more a sketch then art


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I believe it was rejected for anatomy issues (fingers mainly) and the rough filling of the background and other elements. It was suggested to be submitted as a Sketch/Concept because we are more lenient there. It's not a bad piece--in fact, it's a neat concept-- it's just not right for the galleries.

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Its a very high impact work. I think a little more attention to the background at the top is needed

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hey, i just uploaded some stuff, i thought i picked the wrong one by picking sketch, but i think now i did pick the right one.
I dont think ill ever be able to make art that gets in here, im just too lazy to bother with a picture that long. im more into graphic novel internals and animation, than one shot mastery.

pictures really cool btw... bit red raw, but it looks like it was intended.

Art at its best.