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Account oddity!

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Joined: 04/05/2002

I just logged in to check the progress of a submission. I went to the top corner,(my picture was there so was my name) went to "my account" the drop down menu and then to "manage submissions"..clicked it...and went "wha?" it was NOT my work. I freaked abit, thought my account had been hacked, then reality came back and I took a look. The account I was viewing belongs to jungymeister. So, I went OUT of the account, back in. MY picture in the upper corner, MY name. I thought ok...went to "my account" drop down menu, "manage my submissions" and BAM I am still viewing jungymeister account! I am more then a little worried about this. I have a screen shot and everything if need be. BUT I do not even KNOW this member much less how I am viewing their "manage submissions"

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Joined: 11/08/2012

Did you get my email reply to you?

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Joined: 06/08/2008

I had this happen just a few minutes ago and I was looking at your submissions Sofia. Really odd. Maybe because I am on my smart phone is a reason? Weird none the less.

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Joined: 06/12/2002

I just got automatically logged in as HansNiemand for some reason


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