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Searching for partnership for online game

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Joined: 02/08/2014

Hello this is Dain. I am searching for partners and people to join my game project. I have long term experience as project manager and developer. Some time ago I decided to launch a game where fun is important. The game is very sophisticated, a lot of the coding is done. It involves from the system a mix of Magic The Gathering and another fantasy game. I believe this can become quite a big thing and therefor I search for other professionals that would like to get a foot into the games industry. I think this is very rewarding not only from the educational side but also from the financial. However from the conceptual aspect there is an important thing, the design should be natural, non-colonialist and also non-monotheist. I will explain the project in detail to the right person and also have contracts and confidentiality agreement to sign.

Maybe you can help me little bit to find the right persons, where should i post this?

Thank you very much.

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i could do some conceptwork, ive got a few sketches in my sketchbook you could look at, im working on my rgb stuff now tho, its not so bad.

hey man, this forum is kinda dead, noone comes here, i guess its because everyone is bored to death of art. Smile

i dunno, if you wanted me on your team, im only really a loose artist, i havent got to the tightening point yet... but heres a cool one i did in about 20 minutes... not many page modification steps... its a really quick impression...

well im here anyway, if you want me.

Art at its best.