Mermaid in the Fountain

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I would just like some more detailed critique on this...what I can work on and also what I have done well. I'm very interested in improving anatomy and technique. Thank you.1-mermaid-in-the-fountain.jpg

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Hi, I'm new here but have a reasonable amount of art experience, so if you don't mind, I'll try to help you out?

1) I love your naive style, it's very joyous and vibrant. However, I do think you need to study faces; her eyes do look rather large and close together. If she's leaning slightly towards us, with one shoulder higher than the other, she should also have one boob higher than the other. Her arms look a little too tubular; maybe stand in front of a mirror with your own arms bared and see where they go in and out (even if you're very large or small, you'll see that arms of any shape aren't just tubes that bend in the middle).

2) The roses and the trees look great, they have been well observed and well stylised, I think. The oval tops of the fountain's cups look good, too; that's good observation. The water, however, looks like icicles. It should reach all the way to the pools, and there should be splashes and ripples where it hits the still water beneath it. It can be very hard to draw running water, so I'd suggest hopping onto Google images for photos of fountains with water in motion, to see what the spray, splashes and ripples look like.

3) I do think that if you're going to show parts of her underwater, you need to work out where her tail fin joins her mermaid lower body, because at the moment, it looks like there's another fish in the water. When I look at it, I'm struggling to see where her tail would bend within the confines of the drawing to join up with her body. But the tail fin itself and her scales are superb, the textures and depth of colour achieved, plus the shimmer on the scales, is excellent work. Smile

I hope that helps! Smile

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