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Northern FanCon (Convention)

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I’m a volunteer posting on behalf of a local event occurring in Prince George, British Columbia. The Northern FanCon is a celebrity/fantasy/science-fiction convention that has already secured the likes of William Shatner, Gigi Edgely, Jewel Staite, and others.

On topic, it also features an Artist’s Alley. Recent Hugo-nominated artist Nick Greenwood is already committed as a featured guest (along with numerous local artists). I know many of you reading herald from all over the world, but if there are any interested in coming to PG, I am sure there is still room to display and sell your work. They are also open for sponsorship—meaning your travel and stay may even be covered by the organizers. Email me at DiasExMachina@gmail.com for more information.

May 8-10th


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